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Title: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on May 19, 2017, 09:34:24 AM
Oh my, this looks like it's gonna be cool. I can't be the only science & tech geek sissy out there.

Video no longer available. See our private viewing section.

You know he's a sissy at heart. I wonder if he'll take up ballet, showgirls, or cheer-leading in school.
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: samantha1 on May 19, 2017, 10:21:22 AM
hi Betty,that was a excellent video and i wonder what he did when he got older
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on May 19, 2017, 02:34:33 PM
You don't get "The Big Bang Theory" TV show down by you? Sheldon is an adult physicist at a university on that show. It's the most popular TV comedy in the world & has been running for 10 years. It airs in over 70 countries & dozens of languages.

Here's their first episode from 10 years ago, but I think later episodes were much funnier & fun... especially after Sheldon finds a girlfriend biologist.

This video is no longer available here. Most of the series is available in our private viewing area in the Television section
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: samantha1 on May 19, 2017, 06:57:02 PM
i see ,well i would like to see more of them
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on May 20, 2017, 01:02:52 AM
The Big Bang Theory is on TV almost everywhere in the world, plus many show the re-runs of their old episodes several times a day. They even stream the recent episodes on your TV channel's websites free. I believe the UK's channel 4 & E4 run the older episodes almost a dozen times daily combined.

You should be able to watch all the newest episodes at the channel 4 website here,

I just found out due to censorship though, many of the episodes don't show or are heavily edited to suit the UK's censors. No word yet that if the new show, "Young Sheldon", will air in the UK this Fall. If it does, it may also be heavily edited, or some episodes dropped by the censors.

I think it very odd that USA, UK, & Australian censors of TV programs get uptight over the mention of sex, something sexual, or even mentioning the word "penis", but never seem to mind airing violence, war drama, death, destruction, crime, blood, & murder without any worry that children may be watching & that it may be traumatic or a very bad influence to them.

I guess blood, guts, death, destruction, war, & murder are OK for kids to watch as long as they're not sexy, or you don't say certain words.
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on May 20, 2017, 04:37:25 AM
I've just added the entire first season of The Big Bang Theory to our TV section of our private viewing area.

You can watch them streaming, but they are also downloadable to save. Each episode is only 20-25mb each, so they don't take up much space, & can easily be stored on your portable devices. The entire first season of 17 episodes is only 427mb in size.

The older episodes are played into the ground in reruns everywhere, but these have the advantage of watching them in order or on demand, or saving for your collection without breaking the bank on hard drives to keep them all. I can probably fit the first entire 8 or 9 seasons on a single ordinary data DVD in this form.

Outside the USA, censors have edited out some lines, & scenes in many episodes. A few episodes are banned/blocked outside the USA. These are complete & uncut for those who can only see the censored versions or missed the banned episodes.
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Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on May 21, 2017, 12:46:03 AM
I've just added season 2 of the series. There's 23 episodes in season 2. Each episode of this small highly compressed format is only 22-25mb in file size. The entire second season is only 539mb.

Looks good on small laptops, tablets, & phones. But you'll have to sit back 6 or more feet away from a big screen to make it look better. Super small file sizes will look blurry sitting close to a big screen.
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: samantha1 on May 21, 2017, 05:47:40 AM
i have started to watch them and they are good
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on June 05, 2017, 03:44:37 AM
I've just added seasons 3 & 4 of the series. At the end of Season 3, Sheldon meets his new girlfriend Amy, which brings up a lot more funny stuff in season 4.
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Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on June 20, 2017, 01:11:38 AM
I've added seasons 5 & 6 of the Big Bang comedy series. Once more, these are highly compressed VHS quality to save on file sizes & bandwidth. There's nothing visually stunning on a TV sitcom so I can't see wasting a lot of resources on them. The jokes sound just as funny no matter what the picture quality is. Each episode is only about 18-25mb in file size, so an entire season is only about 1/2 a GB in size.

They're in the TV section of our private viewing area (for members only).
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on September 27, 2017, 12:19:11 AM
For those who missed the first episode of "Young Sheldon" here it is:

No longer available here. See our private viewing section
(11.6mb, 21 minutes, low resolution-mobile compression mp4)

This is a highly compressed version so I can serve it to everybody here directly off our main servers, rather than in our  private viewing area. It won't look good on full screen on large screens. But looks fair enough in regular size embedded right in the board, or full size on small laptops, tablets, & phones.

This show is available on regular TV, & streams in almost every country, so I probably won't be carrying the whole season here or in the TV section.
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: gunrunner on September 27, 2017, 02:54:43 PM
Thank you for adding this!  I now have it set in my dvr.  I laughed so much; this will be a regular; kinda like walking dead.  Don't call, text or talk to me while it is on.
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on September 28, 2017, 01:18:16 AM
I sure hope they didn't use up all their jokes on just the first episode. It's by the same people that make the comedy "The Big Bang Theory" which has been funny & successful for 10 years now. So this new show hopefully will be just as good, or by spreading their writing talent too thin between both shows, they'll burn themselves out to the point of ruining both of them.

I don't watch much regular or network TV, & don't get cable, but those 2 shows will be on the top of the list for me. I never try to remember when stuff is on though. I usually watch everything but the news at my own time & convenience online or stored on a drive rather than on their schedule.

Long before TVO & DVRs, I was spoiled with time-shifting everything onto VCRs. I wanted to see stuff when I want to & had the time not on their schedule. I could also shave off 1/3 of my viewing time by fast forwarding past the commercials or other nonsense.

This show was a little spooky to me. There were a lot of similarities with my own childhood. I wasn't the boy genius like Sheldon, but was a little above average which most of the other kids didn't like much. I started kindergarten when I was 4 & skipped the 4th grade. So I was 2 years younger than the other kids in class. Born 1 month premature, I also was really small for my age. So I actually looked 4 or 5 years younger than anybody in the same classes. Everybody within a couple years of my age was a lot bigger than me & intimidating.

People still asked me for my ID to prove my age when buying liquor or cigarettes until I was almost 50.

Yep. I even loved my toy trains too. Up until the 2007 fire, I had an antique American Flyer choo-choo train from the 1950s (restored & rebuilt it myself), & a quite large-scale LGB toy train set. Now I only play with trains on a screen.

Unlike Sheldon though, there was always animals around, so I liked animals. And after my first year of high school I couldn't take being picked on & tormented by the bigger kids anymore (which was almost everybody), & started to fight back no matter what.

I became quite the dangerous holy terror if they decide to pick on me. They were not fighting fair by picking on a kid a foot smaller & 50 pounds less than them anyway, so I figure not to play fair anymore either. Kick 'em in the nuts or anywhere else I can, try to knock them to the ground, or get back at them from behind. Some pretty nasty vicious school fights, but they finally figured out to leave me alone, & a few became my friends.

I have the entire first 7 seasons of The Big Bang Theory in our TV section. But they're also re-run on some TV channel almost everywhere 2-7 times a week. They're compressed down to VHS quality to save on space & bandwidth but they're still fun to watch.

I don't have much a priority for saving ordinary TV shows & sitcoms in HD anyway. HD takes up too much storage space, & there's nothing visually dazzling about them. So even at home, most regular video, & TV shows are stored at 360p to DVD quality. I'll only save visually pleasing stuff in HD.

I like most movies, sci-fi, & some documetaries or educational stuff in HD if possible.
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on October 05, 2017, 09:34:48 PM
No new episodes of "Young Sheldon" will be aired in October to due to the Thursday football schedule on CBS. The second episode will air Thursday, Nov. 2.

Although a month-long wait is ahead for fans, they can find comfort in that "Young Sheldon" earned a full order from CBS, bringing the initial 13 episodes to 22.
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: marybethsanford on October 07, 2017, 07:18:23 AM
Oh my, this looks like it's gonna be cool. I can't be the only science & tech geek sissy out there.

Video mp4 no longer available. See new video on the next page of this thread.

You know he's a sissy at heart. I wonder if he'll take up ballet, showgirls, or cheer-leading in school.

Love that scene with him in the backseat on the way to school and his mother praying he doesn't end up in a trash can or when he tells his brother to "think monkey, think".  I've got every year of big bang so far.   
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on October 07, 2017, 04:03:52 PM
LOL. It's actually, "Lord look after my son, don't let him get stuffed in a gym bag".

Yep, I got all of the BBT too... except this year's episodes. Haven't collected the new season yet. Usually at the point I've missed a couple episodes, I look for places (even underground) to download & save all the new ones I don't have yet. Usually when they start re-running stuff in December, & in late spring, I know it's time to download all of the new ones so I can catch the ones I missed.

I could never schedule my time to when a show was on, unless it was an absolute favorite. More often than not, I had better things to do when a show came on that I liked so would skip it rather than drop everything to watch it.

From about 14 until I was 22 I literally watched almost no TV. There was a TV around, & I was good fixing them so they were cheap for me. It's just none of us ever got around to turning it on much. I was also heavily involved with music, bands, the pipe organ business (in churches), & DJing so TV had little attraction anymore. I do remember turning on a few late-night concerts though.

That was from about 1969 to around 1977. Did I miss anything?

Then when they invented the VCR & it came down in price, the opposite happened. I stockpiled tons of tapes & recorded everything that peaked my interest even a little bit. I could pick & choose what to watch & when to watch it. I also had a blockbuster account to rent movies. Even then, I knew how to bypass the simple copy protection, & copy the rented tapes. But things were different by then. I was no longer just a DJ, but my town's first & only music VJ on a nightclub's widescreen TV over the dance floor.

So it was different priorities. It was suddenly essential to have a couple VCRs, be able to mix, edit, copy on them, or produce material with them. If no music video of a song existed I was producing my own video graphics or edited video clips to run with the music. By 1981 I was doing video graphics on a computer to music too. But rather than haul computers to work, I taped the graphics. I also had a small computer installed at work (got it from a Goodwill thrift store cheap). I'd run text announcements over the videos live, like the club's specials, events, dedicate a song to Sue & Joe, or text happy birthday to a customer on the screen.

By about 1982 I had just about every TV show or movie I liked on tape. New movies were available to rent on tapes 6-18 months after they were at the cinema. It got to be that I rarely went out to see a movie. I would just wait until I could rent it or when it would be on cable to tape.

I had one whole wall of shelves of video tape. Lost those all in the fire. I was lucky I had a few dozen stored in my office at work. After the fire, most of what I owned that I had left was just in my office downtown. To this day except for the bed & a few other items, my small newer place is still mostly furnished with what I had in my office/shop downtown.

I still can't get used to dropping everything & stopping what I'm doing just to catch a TV show. As long as I know it exists, I know I can find it somewhere to watch later. I don't have cable, but thanks to digital TV & their sub-channels, I get around 35 digital channels -- over 40 on a good day with an ordinary simple indoor TV antenna. I get all the main networks, some Canadian channels, plus lots of channels running old stuff all the time. If I include all the religious, shopping & infomercials that I have locked out, I get over 50 channels.

I Dream of Jeanne is on. This morning I enjoyed Green Acres & The Addams Family after the news. I have about 40, 2017 movies on a hard drive, half of which I haven't got around to seeing yet.

I have compressed versions of the last 10 seasons of BBT too. They're really compressed a lot so don't look good on a big screen. But they look good enough on portables & laptops. There isn't much dazzling video in sitcoms anyway. So for low bandwidth streaming they're good enough. You can even watch the streams or download them on a slow dialup connection, or if you're on a public wifi, they won't cut you off because the files are so small.

I have 7 seasons of the BBT in our private Television section here. I should get the last 3 up someday but it takes a long time to upload an entire season on my DSL connection, & usually I can't tie up my connection long. I have no cable & budget phone service, so everything comes through my DSL connection.
Title: Big Bang Theory in UK, AU, & Arizona?
Post by: Betty on October 24, 2017, 09:47:31 PM
I'm reading conflicting reports that some people on regular TV, or services in the UK or Australia are not getting all of season 11 episodes of the Big Bang Theory, & in Arizona or other states, missed the last 2 episodes, because they put on some yucky sports instead. I'm also seeing reports that Young Sheldon, episode 2 won't be available until 2018 on some regular European or Australian channels.

Is this true? Episode 6 of TBBT (season 11) airs Thursday. YS#2 airs in November. I see they are available free or for the equivalent of around 25-39 USA cents in Europe, Asia, & Australia legally or Netflix if you can't get them on normal channels.
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on November 11, 2017, 12:32:55 AM
I've combined the first 3 episodes of Young Sheldon into a single video because they're so short. So if you've already seen the first episode, just skip over the first 20 minutes. But it was a fun episode, so it's worth sitting through again.

Young Sheldon S1E01-03
102mb, SVCD quality (almost DVD quality), 59 minutes.

It's in the TV section of our private viewing area for Betty's Pub members only.

If you are a member of Stories, UncleGadget, or PSK Research, that doesn't automatically make you a member here. They're separate & independent sites on separate web servers & domains. Even Mary Beth's & Petticoated archived sites & our backup mirror sites are on separate servers. I lease & control all of the servers personally, but they're separate & independent entities.

Also, I put up the Big Bang Theory season 7. At 24 episodes per season, I had to highly compress these to VHS quality to make it possible to carry so many episodes. They look good on your pocket tablet or phone, good enough on a small laptop, but will look like crap sitting close to a big screen unless you sit 6 or more feet back from it. Sitcoms aren't usually visually stunning, so you still get the jokes & laughs in a low resolution & bandwidth form.

I watch most of the BBT re-runs on a pocket device anyway while doing chores, making meals, or in the bathroom... Good fun in my pocket with just a push of a button.
Title: Re: Young Sheldon
Post by: Betty on May 23, 2018, 11:29:27 PM

I've added episodes 14-22 of the second most popular comedy on TV, Young Sheldon. They're in our private TV section (for members only).

While you're there, you'll see I just added this season's episodes 12-24 of The Big Bang Theory too -- The most popular comedy on TV. So that's now the entire 11th season there.