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/ Re: Sorry I haven't been around much
« Last post by samantha1 on Today at 01:59:09 AM »
Hi Betty,is that because of this  president wanting to cut down on everything,this cannot be right that they can do this,also how fair that you worked in Canada and USA ,but cannot be paid from both places.
/ Re: Sorry I haven't been around much
« Last post by Betty on Yesterday at 09:34:51 PM »
It depends on how much you made in your life & how much of you got deducted out of your weekly paychecks towards those benefits. So basically, we're just getting back what we paid in benefits during our life. Payments are spread our over your life expectancy. So at the minimum retirement age of 62, they pay you back what you put it, in monthly checks, under the estimate that a 62 y/o male on average, only has 10-13 years left to live. Some live a bit longer or a bit less, but it all averages out to around a life expectancy of 72-75 years old.

But for my jobs during my life, almost half my taxes & benefits were paid to the Canadian government & system when I would work there, & a little more than half was paid into the USA system when I worked here. But I can't get any Canadian benefits that I paid into, unless I become a Canadian citizen, & live there. And if I do, I can't collect any USA benefits.

So no matter what I do or where I live now, I'll can only get about a half a lifetime of benefits from either country, but not from both. But I did have to pay USA income tax on everything I earned in Canada & taxes on everything I earned in the USA.

Right now they're writing new laws to restrict & reduce retirement & disability benefits. Every paycheck for all of our lives has money deducted from it for retirement & disability benefits. This was done under the guarantee that we would get it all back if we became disabled or reached retirement age. But now the government wants to pass laws to keep more of it instead... money that we paid in benefits deductions all our lives, that was promised to be paid back to us later!
/ Re: Sorry I haven't been around much
« Last post by samantha1 on Yesterday at 06:18:02 PM »
Hi Betty,do they pay well for retirement pensions in the states.
/ Re: Sorry I haven't been around much
« Last post by Betty on Yesterday at 06:06:02 AM »
Betty, it sounds like you are eligible for Medicaid, have you ever applied? It's for people with low incomes who aren't eligible for Medicare.

LOL. I qualified for the minimum retirement age at the end of June 2017. If all goes well, I might finally get my first retirement check at the end of this March.

Because I worked in both Canada & the USA, & legally paid taxes on the income earned in both, I can qualify for some benefits in Canada if I become a Canadian citizen & actually live there. But I can only get benefits from the country I live in, not both, even though I paid taxes on my earnings from both countries.

So what benefits I would get from either the USA or Canada by itself really isn't much, even though combined, it would have been a survivable retirement. Almost half my life's income was earned in Canada, & taxed in Canada. When I was younger, I worked a lot in Canada all the time. But I'm not a Canadian citizen, & never had a legal Canadian address.

As far as health aid, we're still working on that. Believe me, it would have been really nice. Spending almost $1,000 that I didn't have for an O2 machine & other treatments just to survive a few more months wasn't fun. Going on almost 2 years spending over $200/mo. importing inhalers for COPD. It probably would have cost even more to buy them legally with a prescription locally... plus well over $1,000 per visit just to see a doctor to get the prescriptions.

I was reading an article last week, where in India to treat a certain type of hepatitis, one has to take a pill that cost them $3-$4 every day for 6 weeks. They charge over $1,000 each for the exact same pill made by the same company here in the USA!

Our heath care system has been broken for decades, & most Americans are either too uninformed or naive to even know it. Most of us don't even know that the life-saving $400-$600 epipens used to treat serious allergic reactions in the USA only cost $10-$24 overseas.

/ Re: payment
« Last post by Betty on Yesterday at 03:53:52 AM »
Thank you so much.

I'm not sure if I understand the problem. Is it just the Pay Pal logo/link here that goes blank in Windows 10, the entire Pay Pal page when you click on it, or Betty's itself that is going blank or malfunctioning in W10?

Most independent websites build their sites & code to internationally established, & written web standards. Unfortunately Windows 10, MS Explorer, & Edge do not comply with international web standards. They expect all sites to write their code special to suit MS, instead of for international web standards.

So most independent or private sites do not officially support Windows 10, Explorer, & Edge browsers. But they should still work good enough, even though not fully supported.

Our modified SMF core software should be compatible enough with W10 & its native browser. But they change W10 & the Edge browser too much all the for most of us to keep up with WTF they're doing (or not doing, or breaking) anymore.

It's been a while since I've had W10 on any machines, so don't have its native Edge browser either. Nobody's dropped a W10 machine off for me to fix in a while either. I either switched my regular customers & friends to Windows 7, or they switched to something else entirely. So I'm stuck in a spot where I hardly personally know anybody locally still on W10 anymore.

However, over 90% of people with Windows 10 or any kind of Windows have known for 20 years that you don not use Explorer or their newer Edge browser for surfing the web because the are not secure, & offer not a shred of any real privacy. Many Windows users use Google Chrome because it comes bundled with so much other software we use, it was forced upon us, or inadvertently, or deliberately installed with the other software. Chrome offers a lot more security, & just slightly more privacy.

I use Pale Moon, a more secure & more private version of Firefox. But recent changes in Pale Moon may force me to go back to Firefox again, or Waterfox... another branch of Firefox. Even an Opera browser works rather well, once you get used to that it works entirely different.

You may try using another browser other than Explorer or Edge, just like most Windows users do. You may also check any ad-blockers or script blockers installed. They're great for blocking annoying ads, clutter, & potentially intrusive scripts from sites you just want to read or view something on, but not want to interact with the site or buy anythng. But those blockers block essential scripts, & dialog boxes required to interact with most sites, buy something from a site, donate, or use special features.

It's highly recommended that you shut off, diable ad & script blockers at Betty's, or may an exception for Betty's on them if you want to interact with us, or use special features. You won't even see our hit counter at the top with some of those blockers. This spring, Betty's will have been around 24 years. There has never has been anything bad, or intrusive at Betty's that needs blocking. Blockers may block stuff you need here, or some cool stuff too.

Can anybody else confirm the problem with Windows 10 here, or is it just that stupid Edge browser that's a problem?

I've tested our sites on every other version of Windows, Linux, OSX, android, & just about all other browsers (set up properly or in their default settings). Everything seems to be working fine. We even have a special version of Betty's made just for phones & pocket tablets, that is sent to their device automatically. It even works on pretty old phones.
Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

The weather has been fluctuating this week; several days brought us temperatures in the upper 50’s reaching 62 one day, while the remaining days were much cooler. And there is snow looming tonight with the big question being how much. I’m rooting for not much.

This week found me at the Frick Museum for their exhibit ZURBARÁN'S JACOB AND HIS TWELVE SONS: PAINTINGS FROM AUCKLAND CASTLE. Thirteen paintings by the Spanish artist
Francisco de Zurbarán of the Biblical patriarch Jacob and his twelve sons.  The paintings are based on “The Blessings of Jacob,” the prophetic poem from Chapter 49 of Genesis.  The series of paintings is first recorded in England in the 1720s, when it was purchased at auction by a Jewish merchant, James Mendez. In 1756, all but one of the paintings passed into the hands of Bishop Richard Trevor of Auckland Castle, County Durham, an advocate for the rights of Jews in England. The paintings have remained in Auckland Castle ever since, traveling to the United States for the first time on the occasion of this exhibition. The portrait of Benjamin, which was the only one that Trevor wasn’t able to acquire, has been lent by Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire. It has been reunited with the other paintings for the first time since their creation.

These are links to all 13 paintings.

Benjamin – In the notes for the painting it says that the image of the wolf came from an engraving by Jacques de Gheyn II who also depicted Jacob and his sons. A link to that image is below. Zurbaran was influenced by de Gheyn’s series of engravings and I’ll link to those images.
Jacques de GHEYN II

Gad – Zurbaran based this image on the biblical interpretation of Gad and his tribe as adept in battle rather than an existing image.

Naphtali - For Naphtali’s pose, costume, and attribute, Zurbarán turned directly to the figure of Christ in Albrecht Dürer’s Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalene from his Small Passion series of woodcuts. The Durer engraving is below.
Albrecht Dürer

Joseph - Details of his costume are taken from Jacques de Gheyn II’s series.
Jacques de GHEYN II


Zebulun – Zurbarán borrowed aspects of the composition including the facial type, anchor, and viewpoint, again, from Jacques de Gheyn II.
Jacques de Gheyn II

Judah - Jacques de Gheyn II’s print of Judah, which includes a lion, scepter, and crown also informs Zurbarán’s imagery.
Jacques de Gheyn II

Dan - The pose and gesture of Dan are lifted almost directly from a figure in Jonadab Counseling Amnon, a print by Philips Galle after Maarten van Heemskerck.
Jonadab adviseert Amnon, Philips Galle, after Maarten van Heemskerck, 1559

Issachar - The donkey appears as an awkwardly cropped head cutting in on the left side of the canvas, a detail taken from Jacques de Gheyn II’s print.
Jacques de Gheyn II

Reuben - The primary visual source for Reuben has been identified as the standing figure of Pontius Pilate dressed in a turban and robe from Albrecht Dürer’s woodcut The Flagellation from the Small Passion series, a source perhaps for the column as well.
Albrecht Dürer


Levi - Levi is shown in fanciful garb derived from a Mesopotamian figure in Philips Galle’s print The Story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, after Maarten van Heemskerck.
Philips Galle,_Meshach_and_Abednego._Engraving_by_P._Galle_after_Wellcome_V0033269.jpg

Simeon - Simeon strikes a pose that appears to have been taken from a sixteenth-century print of King Darius by an unknown artist, published by Gerard de Jode which I couldn’t bring up.

So, Jacob and his sons by Zurburan. These are all life size paintings and the story of their creation and the quotes from the Bible made it an interesting exhibit although my brother did not think it was particularly worthwhile saying he found the paintings ugly, something I don’t agree with.

This is the main link to the exhibit on the Frick website with a number of other links off to the left if you want to explore this further.

This is a review from the New Yorker.

Prior to arriving at the Frick the exhibit traveled first to the Meadows Museum in Dallas. This is a video from that website.

While I was there I was pleased to see that Vermeer’s Lady with Maid was back on view and I got a chance to revisit the Murillo self-portraits I wrote about last year.

And now, the actual weekly Flickrs.

Andy G.

So..something a little different..this is all me

Ombre 6th Former Lucy 07

Wine-Boots Sequine Skirt 2.s

CHRISTMAS 2017 (15)



Crazy for hose



Great day at Sissy Manor, wonderful Mistresses and great sissy girls
/ Re: payment BETTER Late than never.
« Last post by jeangurl on February 16, 2018, 05:33:08 AM »
Hi I managed to make a payment useing my other stupid laptop Windows 10.
For some reason on here it always goes to blank when I try to use Paypal.
But trying to view your sites on 10 is useless.

Luv Jeangurl :-[
/ Nice YT Video
« Last post by Starla on February 15, 2018, 06:22:54 AM »
A fun video, one of the better I've seen in the currently popular "putting makeup on my little brother" genre. In this case, she uses makeup, wig, and top to turn her bro into a pretty credible clone of herself.

/ Re: To Tell The Truth
« Last post by andyg0404 on February 14, 2018, 11:34:34 AM »

This time it's I've Got A Secret doing drag. The first contestant's secret is that he is going to play a chorus girl in a college play. It's the same Wig and Mask Club that the contestant on To Tell The Truth dressed up for.

Andy G.

/ Re: I have been after this book for thirty years!
« Last post by Betty on February 13, 2018, 11:58:38 PM »
I've added the book to our private viewing area in the TV section.
(Members only access. You must be a Betty's Pub member to access our private & special features)
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