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/ Re: The Auction Site
« Last post by andyg0404 on November 19, 2017, 04:36:58 PM »


Andy G.
/ Re: Map of recent visitors to Betty's
« Last post by Betty on November 19, 2017, 05:36:58 AM »
Map of visitors to Betty's in the past 20 minutes. Note UK time is 5 hours later than in the eastern N. America continent.

We had over 18,000 hits to Betty's in a single day on both Wednesday & Thursday. The last time that happened was way back in January. But that time don't count because we were under attack, so several thousand of those hits were attack attempts. The attackers didn't get anywhere or accomplish anything, & were quickly blocked/firewalled. Those last week's hits were legitimate visitors, not bots or attacks.

We had a few days in late July & early August where we almost got 18,000 in a day as people were home from their vacations & catching up on stuff. They check in on their phones while away from home, but there's nothing better for seeing sissy stuff or serious reading than on a big screen, or at least a laptop, or larger than pocket-sized tablet... especially if you want to save your favorite stuff.

Hits & the map are not just for here though. Almost 2/3 of them are just from stories. Almost 1/3 of them are from here. But about 7% of them are from everything else we carry, like Unclegadget/PSK, Mary Beth's & Petticoated archived pages, & few other odd or experimental pages, & forums.

/ Re: Movie Night at Betty's.
« Last post by Betty on November 19, 2017, 01:08:12 AM »
I've added episodes 7-9 of the new Sci-Fi series, Orville. I've made this set into a single commercial free video about 2 hours long too. I also added episode 10, the most recent episode.

Episodes 7-9
256mb, DVD quality, 126 minutes.

Episode 10
81mb, DVD quality, 31 minutes.

They're in the TV section of our private viewing area for our members only.

UPDATE: I just added episode 4 of the hit comedy series, Young Sheldon too.
Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

It’s auction time again and there’s a lot to see. This covers the Impressionist and Contemporary Art auctions. Two big paintings at Christie’s are by Fernand Leger and Vincent Van Gogh. Both are listed as saying estimate on request which seems to say to me that if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it. Of the two, for me, the Van Gogh wins hands down as the Leger is abstract and doesn’t overly excite me. This is a link to a video and discussion of Van Gogh’s Laboureur dans un champ.  This is a link to a video and discussion of Leger’s Contraste de forms.

Fernand Léger - Contraste de forms – This went for $ 70M

Vincent van Gogh - Laboureur dans un champ – This went for $81.3M

Oddly enough the biggest painting for Christie’s Contemporary auction is Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, another lot that was posted estimate on request. It didn’t make any sense to me that it would be in the Contemporary auction and I actually missed seeing it when I was there. I went back a day later on my way to Sotheby’s and understood how I had missed it. I wasn’t expecting to see it and I approached the Christie’s entrance from the West Side so I didn’t see they had set up a separate entrance to the gallery where it was displayed. If you didn’t use the separate entrance there was no way to see it. When I went back a couple of days later for the American previews I saw that the timing for my visit with Leonardo had been good as I was able to just walk right in. That day there was a line down the block with people waiting in the rain for up to an hour for the privilege of seeing it.  It was hung all by itself in a rather dimly lighted alcove. I can’t say it was magnificent or awe inspiring but I’m glad I got to see it as it isn’t often one gets to view a Leonardo, or if you listen to the skeptics, almost a Leonardo. My brother explained its appearance in the Contemporary auctions by noting that Christie’s is pairing it with an Andy Warhol work titled “Sixty Last Suppers”, but I also read that it was lumped in with the Contemporary art because that’s where the big bucks are now rather than Old Masters. 

Leonardo da Vinci – Salvator Mundi

This is an essay and video about the Leonardo and below that is a similar link for the Warhol.  - The Warhol went for $60.8M

There has been a fair amount of skepticism as to whether this is actually a Leonardo and this article comes down strongly on the side of not. I say above that it wasn’t awe inspiring and in this article he says it’s just dead.

But it looks like Christie’s has the last laugh, it went for $450.3M. You can read about it in this Times article.

There’s a remarkable auction in Hong Kong which I would very much like to have seen but since I can’t make it I was lucky that Christie’s showcased a few of these items in New York It’s art from Monet’s personal collection. This is a video and essay on Monet and his collection.

Here are three of the items up for bid, a black chalk drawing of boats washed up on a beach and an oil painting of three poplar trees by Monet and an illustrated letter from the artist Paul Signac.

Claude Monet - Barques échouées sur la plage

Claude Monet - Trois arbres à Giverny (Peupliers)

Paul Signac - Autograph letter to Claude Monet

This is a link to all the items in the Hong Kong auction, you’ll see a bunch of those Japanese woodblock prints I’ve come to admire in addition to drawings and paintings by his peers.  In addition to being a wonderful artist the man had exquisite taste.

These are some more of the things I enjoyed.

An beautiful oil painting of the Tuileries Garden in Spring, lush greenery under a blue sky with puffy clouds by Pissarro as well as a little treasure of a drawing, a self-portrait from when he was in his early twenties.

Camille Pissarro - Le Jardin des Tuileries, matinée de printemps

Camille Pissarro - Autoportrait (recto); Deux esquisses d'un âne (verso) -

And this small, elegant still life by Pissarro’s good friend, Cezanne.

Paul Cezanne - Poires dans une assiette blanche

Henri Matisse - Les régates de Nice – Very colorful interior scene of a woman looking out a window at a boat race.

And while this isn’t Luncheon of the Boating Party it is a very nice portrait by Renoir.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Buste de femme, de profil

This is a link to everything in the Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale

This is a link to everything in the Impressionist and Modern Art Works on Paper Sale

This is a link to everything in the Impressionist and Modern Art Day Sale

I spoke of Contemporary art, the Warhols and Rothkos and there were lots of other artists represented but as I’ve mentioned many times, this isn’t really the art I come to look at. But sometimes I find something I like, in a previous post I mentioned the Ed Ruscha Service station and in this lot I was rather taken by Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings which I find amusing. Here are two of them.

Wayne Thiebaud - Bow Ties

Wayne Thiebaud - Desk Set

And if you care for this sort of thing, here are links to all the items in the two Contemporary art sessions.

Post-War & Contemporary Art Morning Session

Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening Sale

Sotheby’s Impressionist sale offered paintings from the collectors Martin and Barbara Zweig. It’s a lovely collection. You can see the following five paintings in this slide show.
Paul Cézanne - Nature morte
Edgar Degas - Après le bain
Edgar Degas - Avant la course
Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Baigneuse
Pierre Bonnard - Femme accoudée avec chien et nature morte

Also from their collection
Paul Gauguin - EVE BRETONNE (II)

There were other collections with nice things in the auction as well such as this one.
Vincent van Gogh - LE MOULIN À L'EAU

And this
Vilhelm Hammershøi - INTERIOR WITH WOMAN AT PIANO, STRANDGADE 30 – I saw an exhibit of Hammershøi’s art and this one isn’t as stark as his others. He favored muted colors so this little dash of color is unusual.

As you can see there really was a lot to see.

And now let’s see the Flickrs.

Andy G.

Maid Set 42

Girl from the autumn park

Enjoying my red dress


With friends, Kaz, Crystal, me and Mandy about to start the Benidorm Pride Parade

Mistress enjoys her good little sissy

Maid 7



Style Me Quirky Dressing Service SMQ 22.06.12-web-4
/ Re: In the News (with pictures & videos)
« Last post by Betty on November 18, 2017, 03:57:49 AM »
Coinhive is a popular browser-based service that offers website owners to embed a JavaScript to utilise their site visitors' CPUs power to mine the Monero cryptocurrency for monetisation. It was hacked last month.

An unknown hacker managed to hijack Coinhive's CloudFlare account that allowed him/her to modify its DNS servers and replace Coinhive's official JavaScript code embedded into thousands of websites with a malicious version.

Apparently, the hacker reused an old password to access Coinhive's CloudFlare account that was leaked in a Kickstarter data breach in 2014.

According to Cloudflare (who also hosts thousands of hackers, spammers, & scammers),    "Tonight, Oct. 23th at around 22:00 GMT our account for our DNS provider (Cloudflare) has been accessed by an attacker. The DNS records for have been manipulated to redirect requests for the coinhive.min.js to a third party server." Coinhive said in a blog post today.

"This third-party server hosted a modified version of the JavaScript file with a hardcoded site key."

As a result, thousands of sites using coinhive script were tricked for at least six hours into loading a modified code that mined Monero cryptocurrency for the hacker rather than the actual site owners.

Coinhive gained media attention in past few weeks after world's popular torrent download website, The Pirate Bay, was caught secretly using this browser-based cryptocurrency miner on its site.

Immediately after that, more than thousands of other websites also started using Coinhive as an alternative monetisation model by utilising their visitors' CPU processing power to mine digital currencies.

Even hackers are also using Coinhive like services to make money from compromised websites by injecting a script secretly.

Mining for virtual currency is being examined as an alternative to third-party ads as a way to generate revenue and it was the Pirate Bay's pilot trial which propelled the idea into the spotlight.

Due to a coding error, users spotted the website's miner as it pulled huge amounts of CPU power from visitor systems, rather than 20 to 30 percent as originally intended.

Following visitor backlash, the Pirate Bay admitted to testing the miner as a "way to get rid of all the ads."

Other parties have begun exploring mining, too. According to a report from Adguard, 2.2 percent of the top 100,000 websites on the Alexa list are now mining through user PCs -- but few are asking for permission first.


The use of American companies to push Russian hackers & propaganda goes beyond social media sites like Facebook. Russians also used American internet services to keep their websites up and hide their true owners, according to internet records and two executives at internet routing companies.

The firms routing these websites' internet traffic include Cloudflare, a major Silicon Valley corporation, and a Ukrainian company's subsidiary in Florida.

The websites are part of a network run by the Internet Research Agency, a troll army based in St. Petersburg, Russia, with ties to the Kremlin. The groups, with names like "Don't Shoot Us" and "Black Matters," posed as black American activists. They posted videos showing police brutality against African Americans and attempted to organize protests across the United States. But they need internet infrastructure to keep sites online.

The use of the routing companies shows how Russian trolls & hackers tried to mask their efforts that also used Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms.

Cloudflare provides protection from hackers, placing its computer servers between clients' websites and the outside internet. This allows Cloudflare to absorb cyberattacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service attacks that flood a website and take it down.

But Cloudflare's services can also be used as a mask, because the outside world can no longer identify who operates the website -- or the location of its physical home.

That's because Cloudflare serves as a guard that receives incoming internet traffic. It offers this service to legitimate companies, but in this case, it is also assisting the Russian trolling & hacking operations.

Cloudflare admits its role as a proxy service for trolls & hackers, but it said "terminating a customer wouldn't actually remove their content from the internet." Cutting off that customer would, however, stop them from using that particular American firm as a shield.

Cloudflare said it would not consider dropping these Russia-linked websites & hackers unless compelled to by a court order.

"Cloudflare does not view its role to pass judgment of content that runs on our infrastructure and our network," the company's general counsel, Doug Kramer said. "An open internet and an opportunity for all voices is a good principle. If we try to regulate in any way with our resources and capabilities, we would do more harm than good."

Cloudflare is, however, willing to pass along public complaints to the websites' operators, Kramer said.


Betty's has always blocked/firewalled all ISPs used by Cloudflare & it's services. We also do not allow links to sites hosted by Cloudflare because their servers are listed internationally as malicious & dangerous.
/ Re: Crossdressing & Brolita gallery
« Last post by Betty on November 17, 2017, 11:01:18 PM »
/ Re: Crossdressing & Brolita gallery
« Last post by Betty on November 17, 2017, 11:00:03 PM »
/ Re: Crossdressing & Brolita gallery
« Last post by Betty on November 17, 2017, 10:58:57 PM »
/ Re: Crossdressing & Brolita gallery
« Last post by Betty on November 17, 2017, 10:57:33 PM »
/ Re: Crossdressing & Brolita gallery
« Last post by Betty on November 17, 2017, 10:56:18 PM »
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