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Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

This is an early Flickr as in a little while I’m heading down to the Jersey shore for a visit with friends. It was a fairly nice week weather wise with the temperature reaching 76 degrees yesterday. Today it looks to be a more realistic 50 degrees but at least it’s dry for my drive down.

I took several of my friends for a visit to the Frick where we took in their current exhibition, Moroni: The Riches of Renaissance Portraiture. Giovanni Battista Moroni was an Italian painter of the late Renaissance best known for his elegantly realistic portraits of the local nobility and clergy. He is considered one of the great portrait painters of 16th Century Italy.  This is a link his Wikipedia biography from which I copied the description above.

I wasn’t familiar with him at all but knew I would enjoy the exhibit when I saw several of his portraits in an article in the New York Times touting the exhibition last summer. This is a link to that article.

This is a review from WNYC, public radio.

This is a review from Forbes.

I’ll discuss a few of the portraits that I was particularly struck by.

The Tailor – The website and the articles all agree this is his greatest painting. Unlike his noble subjects, this wealthy tradesman is dressed simply in wool but Moroni painted all the details of his outfit, the frill at his neck and sleeves and all the buttons on his tunic.

Giovanni Gerolamo Grumelli, called Il Cavaliere in Rosa (The Man in Pink) – This is quite an impressive outfit with the woven decoration, his feathered hat peeking out from the side and his large sword. You’ve also got the broken sculpture laying where it appears to have fallen after snapping off its pedestal and the other details surrounding him.

Isotta Brembati – Brembati is the wife of Grumelli, he’s her second husband and she is equally impressive with her brocaded dress, her gold handled fur lined fan, her elaborate jewelry and the marten with a jeweled head. In the museum they had an actual marten wrap which is one of the objects shown. This is part of the description, “marten furs… were associated with chastity, fertility, and childbirth and, at least since the nineteenth century, were also thought to have served as flea pelts (supposedly to attract fleas from the wearer onto the fur), a popular theory that has been questioned.” I think that says a lot about hygiene during the Renaissance.

Gabriele Albani (?) – This is a magnificent portrait showing the man’s ornate black damask gown with a lynx lining, partially obscuring the gold chain holding a cross and a winged lion denoting that he is a knight. The card goes on to say that it is thought the sitter had Moroni recommended to him by Titian.

Lucrezia Agliardi Vertova – This is on loan from the Met and is one of three Moroni’s the Met owns. A noblewoman, she founded the Carmelite church and convent of Sant’Anna in Moroni’s native Albino. Thought to be the Abbess based on her attire the outfit she wears is actually that of a woman of her stature. It’s a very simple, no frills portrait of a clearly devout woman.

Lucia Albani Avogadro, called La Dama in Rosso (The Lady in Red) – This is one of only three full length portraits of women by Moroni. It show his talent with fabric in painting the sumptuous crimson satin gown. She was a talented poet but there’s nothing in the painting to suggest such.

Faustino Avogadro, called Il Cavaliere dal Piede Ferito (The Knight with the Wounded Foot) – Lucia’s husband and apparently a rather feckless individual, he died at age thirty-seven by drunkenly falling into a well and breaking his neck. I don’t think you can see the apparatus on his left leg which apparently had an injury to his ankle. His mail accessories lie strewn on the floor while the incredibly elaborate feathered helmet sits to his right.

This is a link to the Frick’s introduction page with additional links for all the objects on display, an introductory video of about 4 minutes and a full lecture video of about 48 minutes.

As my brother said upon viewing the exhibit, it is a stunning display of a painter who is not well known but should be. I hope to go back with other friends for another visit.

In other art news.

At least the gentleman burglar who stole for the pleasure of it never risked damaging the art by smashing the display case. And it turns out it was a fake.

Thieves Stole a $3.4 Million Brueghel From a Remote Italian Church—or So They Thought. Here’s How the Village Tricked Them

I thought this was interesting in that it depicts a descendant of Van Gogh and describes growing up in a house filled with Van Gogh’s paintings.  How nice to sleep under a Van Gogh painting of almond blossoms.

The astonishing life of Johan van Gogh: Vincent's great-nephew dies aged 96

And now, the Flickrs.

Andy G.


Yummy Mummy?





Pretty in Pink

Ready for the 40's Codebreaker New Years Eve ball last night.

Rocking the red again

Roxy x
/ I Am Jazz
« Last post by Betty on March 15, 2019, 07:40:52 PM »
I've added episodes 8-11 of I Am Jazz.

They're in our private viewing section for Betty's Pub members only. If you are not a member, you will not see our private sections.
/ Re: Movie Night returns to Betty's
« Last post by Betty on March 13, 2019, 06:48:48 PM »
I posted the crossdressing movie "Unconditional Love"  in our private viewing area. It's near the bottom of our main index page (front page), in the movies section (The Trans, CD, & Gay films topic).

It's for members Betty's Pub members only, if you are not a member you will not see our private viewing areas.

It's a bit of a twisted tale, but well worth watching. The fella makes a pretty cute girl.

A discussion with a link to a clip of it is here:

I've also post the entire new Star Trek series. I'll add more new episodes of it when they become available. They're in our Television section of our private viewing area.

Update: I fixed a bad link there for Discovery. I guess our system didn't like the link I put up, it kept splitting up the URL. So I put up a new link.
/ Re: Interesting Video
« Last post by Betty on March 13, 2019, 06:40:44 PM »
I posted the movie in our private viewing area at near the bottom of our main index page (front page), in the movies section (The Trans, CD, & Gay films topic).

It's for members Betty's Pub members only, if you are not a member you will not see our private viewing areas.

It's a bit of a twisted tale, but well worth watching. The fella makes a pretty cute girl.
/ Re: Interesting Video
« Last post by Betty on March 13, 2019, 03:58:50 PM »
I found the movie. I haven't had a chance to watch it through yet, but I skimmed through it a little, & it sure looks interesting. Thanks for the clip to give us a heads up.

I'll be compressing it down to a manageable web file size to put in our private viewing section, so we'll probably all see it together later.

I let everyone know when it's there.
/ Re: Interesting Video
« Last post by Betty on March 13, 2019, 05:56:38 AM »
Right in the listing below the video is says it's from the movie "Unconditional". But that was the original title. Later it was called "Unconditional Love".

/ Re: Videos
« Last post by andyg0404 on March 12, 2019, 08:07:12 PM »

Turning My Son Into a Girl & His Sisters Reaction | Dressing Up Challenge | The New James Charles ?

Beautiful makeup with boy look like a girl _ dailly new Tik gujarati Tik tok video.

Andy G.
/ Interesting Video
« Last post by jami on March 12, 2019, 05:38:30 PM »
I found this on Youtube. I could not discover what movie it came from. Hopefully someone else will be more successful than I was.
/ Re: The Auction site
« Last post by andyg0404 on March 11, 2019, 05:59:55 PM »


Andy G.
Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

This week I returned to one of my favorite venues, Ronin Gallery on Madison Avenue and 49th Street for their current exhibition, Snow, Moon and Pine. This highlights woodblock prints with those elements all of which appeal to me, I’ve always enjoyed seeing the moon depicted in art, in full phase, dangling from the sky like the New Year’s Eve celebration ball. I’ll link to things I especially enjoyed.

There were multiple prints from my favorite artist, Hiroshige, some of which I will write about below.

Hiroshige – Kanbara – This is one of the 53 Stations of the Tokaido, the road that linked Edo, as Tokyo the capital of Japan was originally called, with the rest of Japan.  This is deep in winter with snow covering all making moving through the snow a slow and tiring process as you can see from the way the travelers appear. The second link is to the Metropolitan Museum copy which can be enlarged. The essay also says this is an entirely fictitious scene as it rarely snows in Kanbara.

Hiroshige - Asakusa Kinryuzan Temple – One of the 100 views of Edo. Asakusa is a town famous for its Buddhist temple. The Brooklyn Museum owns a copy and the second link is to their website with more information.

Shotei - Saruhashi Bridge in Koshu Province – Unlike Hiroshige who lived in the 19th Century, Shotei lived well into the 20th Century dying in 1945. You can read about his life in the second link. The third link is to a slightly larger version. I like the way this depicts winter in the mountains showing the house way up over the river and the precipitous descent from the bridge.

Hiroshige - Toeizan and Shinobazu Pond in Ueno – One of the Eight Snow Scenes of Toto. Second link is an enlargement. The houses off to the right appear to be snowbound and easily accessible. The third link is to the Brooklyn Museum website with additional information.

Hiroshige - Kinryuzan Temple in Asakusa – This is another view of the temple. Second link is an enlargement.

Yoshitoshi - Moon over Mt. Inaba – The enormous full moon illuminates the daring ascension up Mr. Inaba. The second link is to the Portland Art museum with additional information. You click on the image to enlarge.;id=36475;type=101#

Yoshitoshi - Cassia Tree Moon: Wu Gang – Another enormous moon and equally enormous axe. The second link has additional information.

Hasui Kawase - Moon over Ara River – Kawase is another 20th Century artist and I just love the moon suspended in the sky illuminating the blue water which flows tranquilly beneath the single boat. The second link can be enlarged, has additional information and is from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Goyo Hashiguchi - Sanjo Bridge, Kyoto – Another artist who came of age in the 20th Century unfortunately dying at an early age from meningitis. The second link is to an enlargement which more clearly brings out the blue of the water and the reflection of the bridge and houses. The third link is to his bio on Wikipedia.

Hiroshige - Snow at Akabane in Shiba – This print is on sale for twice as much as the one below with both being in comparable condition. I’m wondering if the bright blue river depicted in this one is what enhances the value. Given my choice of the two I would certainly choose this one for its overall brightness. Not that I wouldn’t accept the other one as well. The second links are enlarged or can be enlarged. The first is from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts while the second is a poster sized version for sale.

Hiroshige - End of the Year Market at Kinryuzan, Asakusa

This is a link to everything in the exhibition.

I love the Ronin Gallery as it is devoted solely to Japanese woodblock prints and has a constantly changing display as well as full online access.

I also had occasion to visit the Throckmorton Gallery on East 57th Street for an exhibit of Miguel Covarrubias, a 20th Century Mexican painter, caricaturist, illustrator, ethnologist and art historian. Below is the press release for the exhibit which describes his life and work.  The exhibit consisted of examples of the different styles he worked in.  The second link is to the announcement page for the exhibit with an additional image, Nieves Orozco Nude. Orozco was a model for Diego Rivera, a friend of Covarrubias, and also modeled for him. When I did a preview of this I discovered that Throckmorton doesn’t archive their exhibits and the website only reflected the current one. But luckily the Internet Wayback machine stored it and that’s where these links will take you to.

An Unlikely Cosmopolitan Artform– This is a review and discussion of Covarrubias with examples of his drawings and paintings. I particularly liked the Flower Vendor which also appears in the press release.

Covarrubias: the art and life of a polymath – This review speaks of Covarrubias and his friendship with Al Hirschfeld the caricaturist who contributed cartoons for the Sunday New York Times for 70 years. It features a Covarrubias cover caricature of FDR for the original Vanity Fair from November 1934. I own a bound volume of Vanity Fair, the entire year of 1932, and it has multiple covers by Covarrubias. Below are two examples. The second link is his cover portrait of Greta Garbo. The third link is another version of FDR and an article on FDR and his appearances in Vanity Fair as well as an essay on Covarrubias. Vanity Fair was a fascinating magazine filled with articles and illustrations of celebrities and politicians. I would love to find another bound volume someday.

Lindy hop – Covarrubias was a devotee of the Harlem Jazz scene and had many friends among the artists, performers and writers. This is a drawing of sinuous black dancers.

Harlem beauty – This is another example of his affinity for black culture, an ink and charcoal drawing of an attractive woman.

Balinese girl – Covarrubias honeymooned in Bali and was so taken by the culture that he returned to do research and subsequently wrote a book, Island of Bali, with an extensive text on the history and culture of the Island. It made Bali attractive as a tourist destination. He did 90 drawings for it and his wife contributed photographs. If you search on Amazon you can see it and use the look inside feature to see sections. One of the illustrations is the finished painted Balinese girl.

There were two other images I liked and want to include but couldn’t find on the Internet so I’m attaching the photos I took in the gallery. My phone doesn’t have the best camera and my hands aren’t the steadiest so I only include these when I absolutely can’t find them anywhere else. So at the very of end of this post you should see:

The Sheik, a Harlem hipster and an attractive Filipino woman.

I got a big kick out of this exhibit and it gave me insight to the varied interests of Covarrubias who I had previously only known as a magazine cover illustrator.

In other art news.

This is a very long article and I wasn’t sure I was going to read it but I did and it was fascinating. The story of a perfectly ordinary guy, a loner except for his perfectly ordinary girl friend who was also a loner who over a long period of time successfully stole art valued at more than a billion dollars just by going into museums and taking it.

The Secrets of the World's Greatest Art Thief

Now it’s time for the Flickrs.

Andy G.

2018 Goth Lolita Dress Crossdresser Brother Sister

whos a pretty girl

2018-12-13 pic-19

Red lace dress

Ready for the 40's Codebreaker New Years Eve ball last night.

Susan Louise Fox 238

18 0651

Four Hearts

Frosted Flowers

Maid To Please
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