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/ Mrs. McCutcheon
« Last post by andyg0404 on July 08, 2018, 08:22:02 PM »

I just watched this 17 minute short on Showtime. It's about a boy who wants to be called Mrs. McCutcheon and wear dresses. I thought it very sweet.  This is from IMDB

And I found the full movie on Vimeo as well.

And there should be a screen capture below if I've done this right.

Andy G.
/ Re: This year’s Summer Flickr
« Last post by andyg0404 on July 07, 2018, 05:41:15 PM »
Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, the first of what looks to be a week of them.

Earlier this week, on one of the hottest days of the year, I took the long walk up to the Guggenheim Museum to see their current exhibit, Giacometti. The majority of the items in the exhibit are from the Fondation Giacometti in Paris. Alberto Giacometti was a Swiss artist and sculptor of the 20th Century. I’ve always enjoyed his very distinctive bronze sculptures which are instantly recognizable. He currently holds the record for highest price for any sculpture at auction,  L'Homme au doigt which was auctioned for $141.3M at Christie's in May 2015. This sculpture broke the previous record he had achieved in an auction by Sotheby’s in February of 2010. His L'Homme qui marche went for $104.3M. You can see both these sculptures at these two links.

The exhibit was filled with many examples of these tall slender figures but it also had examples of Giacometti’s other works which I confess were not as interesting to me. A number of them are completely abstract to the point of lacking any meaning at all to me, that is, to my eye they are totally formless and shapeless. This is a good example of one of them.

Very early in the exhibit are three of his most iconic sculptures, two from the Fondation and one from the Hirshhorn Sculpture Museum in Washington, D.C.
Walking Man 1
Tall Woman IV
Monumental Head

I got a kick out of his dog which Giacometti described as a self-portrait.

And his rather macabre Woman With Her Throat Cut, a surrealistic depiction of great violence.

There weren’t many of the portraits he painted but I did like this painting of his brother and collaborator, Diego, who worked with him till his death and continued on afterwards.
Portrait of Diego standing in the living room

He created a number of surrealistic drawings and I rather liked this one. Made me wonder if Edward Gorey had been influenced by them as his art can be similar to this.

This is a link to the Guggenheim website with an overview of the exhibition. On the same page are also two reviews of the exhibit, one from The New Yorker and one from the Financial Times which is behind a paywall but you can read if you go to a Google search page and type FT Giacometti. It’s currently the first article on the page and is displayed like this: Giacometti at the Guggenheim: only human after all | Financial Times.  Also, under exhibition views, you can see a few images showing the art in place.

This is a link to an installation view that lets you walk the ramp of the museum like I did and view much of the art.

This was a very large installation and I have to admit that it was a bit overwhelming, there was a lot of duplication with many of the bronzes echoing each other. And there was a fair amount of art that didn’t really appeal to me but on the whole it was an enjoyable way to pass the time on a very hot day.

Whenever I visit the Guggenheim I always walk through their Thannhauser gallery to visit with paintings I’ve always enjoyed. My favorite is something I linked to on my last visit but I’m going to do so again as it’s such a wonderful painting. There’s an essay about it as well and be sure to click on the image to enlarge it.

Camille Pissarro - The Hermitage at Pontoise

Previously I’ve linked to items up for auction at the Sotheby’s London Old Masters auction and the auction has now been held. This is an article from Art Daily reporting the results.  Lots of beautiful things sold including a Rubens portrait and a Turner watercolor which I’ve linked to previously. There was also a beautiful portrait by Gerard Ter Borch and the National Gallery in Washington, DC bought a Clara Peeters still life.

This is a link to the Rubens.

This is a link to a Turner oil.

This is a link to a Turner watercolor that sold for GBP2.05 million.

This is a link to the Ter Borch.

This is a link to the Clara Peeters.

This is a link to all the items in the Old Masters evening sale.

This is a link to all the items in the Old Master & British Works on Paper. There are 10 other Turner watercolors in this one.

I would have loved to attend in person but it’s also pleasant to visit by proxy over the web. Many beautiful things to see.

I guess it’s time for the Flickrs now.

Andy G.

Looking sweet and innocent for a change.

FBOFW Halloween Party Crossdress Cartoon


 resting between dances

Wonderful Princess Peach!


Just flowers

Due to Lighting


5-18 crossdresser favs
/ Re: Boys in dresses
« Last post by Angela M... on July 06, 2018, 04:09:11 PM »
Well I think the distraction was he forgot to shave his legs. May have gotten away with it then.
/ Re: HAPPY 4th. of JULY
« Last post by Angela M... on July 06, 2018, 04:06:32 PM »
Hey Robyn Jodie, I like that one. The cop asked me if I had been drinking my eyes looked drowsy. I said well yours look glazed have you been eating donut's? I need Bail money now.
/ Re: HAPPY 4th. of JULY
« Last post by Robyn Jodie on July 06, 2018, 11:52:59 AM »
Believe me, I know about getting old.  I liked the comment that the warranty runs out at 50. But (ahem) it reminded me of another quote I've seen...

"They say that 60 is the new 40, but the cop who pulled me over wouldn't buy it."

/ Re: HAPPY 4th. of JULY
« Last post by Angela M... on July 06, 2018, 12:55:30 AM »
Hi Samantha1, yes you are right about that. I always say once you hit 50 the warranty is up and things go wrong. My brain has not caught up yet and I still think I can do all the things I did when I was younger. Just trying the clean out the evestroughs caused me to fall off the ladder but at least I did not hurt myself, just my pride. Sure hope your scan turns up nothing serious. I am afraid to find out results when I have tests but still it needs to be done. I am turning 69 next week and still act like a 40 year old sometimes. Oh well time marches on and we don't have a way to turn it back yet.
/ Re: HAPPY 4th. of JULY
« Last post by samantha1 on July 05, 2018, 11:57:34 PM »
hi Betty,sorry that i missed your birthday,so i wish you a belated happy birthday,and Angela ,age is a funny thing when your body starts to show your age,not only do i have ibs ,but know i am having a scan on Sunday too see if i have bowel cancer,i turn 65 and hey everything that can go wrong with your body does.
/ Re: HAPPY 4th. of JULY
« Last post by Angela M... on July 05, 2018, 09:55:00 PM »
Hi Betty & Andy, sorry I forgot about your birthday ( HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ) but I forget most of them nowadays. Mine is coming up too and I would just as soon forget it also. Heck some days I don't even remember what day it is without checking the computer or calender. Sorry to hear about your problems with the O2 machine. Most things these days are made in China and have short shelf lives I find. It is hard to find much made in Canada or the U.S. and the Dollar Stores selling all their junk are just booming these days. As you said it is hard to fix some of this stuff and sometimes requires fancy tools just to get them apart.
I saw some of the fireworks Andy and I like that they are set to music but then most of the displays I have seen were in Disney Theme parks and set to music also. My neighbours had quite a display this Canada Day but I suspect with all their family staying over it was a joint effort and cost a few dollars for sure. They were set off a bit close to my fence though so I went and asked them to please watch for stray embers as we are also surrounded by quite a few trees. They are usually pretty good and often have an outdoor fire in a stone fire pit but it never gets to big. They have only lived next door for two years but are very nice. The husband saw me struggle to cut the grass with my British reel type lawn mower and gave me an electric one. He bought a newer model so I was happy about that as my grass gets quite long now and I don't always have the stamina to cut it every week. As you may have noticed I don't always log on here too often and have been having issues with my heart. I have had younger friends who had heart attacks so I went for a battery of tests when I started getting chest pains but it turns out I have a strong heart like my mother and no signs of blockage anywhere. Having said that they don't know yet what is causing my chest pains and it could be Arthritis related or muscle pains or maybe gas pains. Anyway, be well Betty and Andy and I know it get's more difficult as we age.
/ Re: HAPPY 4th. of JULY
« Last post by andyg0404 on July 05, 2018, 01:09:04 PM »
Thanks Angela and Happy belated birthday Betty. I was grateful the fireworks weren't too bad last night and didn't keep me up.

Andy G.
/ Re: HAPPY 4th. of JULY
« Last post by Betty on July 05, 2018, 02:42:41 AM »
Thank You. Hope you had a great Canada Day.

With this heat wave, I had to keep the place sealed up tight so my undersized AC could keep things just bearable with COPD, & prayed we didn't get a power failure. Depending on clean filtered, climate controlled air, & oxygen to survive, a power failure more than a couple hours during a heat wave could be fatal. With fans in the windows it can get 8-12 degrees hotter up here than outside. So I really need at least some AC, High humidity or low air pressure also isn't easily breathable with COPD either.

My AC couldn't keep up with the heat. I had to shut down everything in the house that generated just a little bit of heat to keep it survivable... even my O2 machine, which gives off a lot of heat. I would just fill my O2 storage bags for my O2 needs, & as soon as they were full, shut the machine off. I tried to open & close the fridge as quickly as possible, because every time it kicked on, it would blow lots of heat off the back. Computers were shut off too because they gave off too much heat... which I need for my work. I've been getting by just using a small efficient laptop instead, but not getting enough work done that way.

Had a scare a little over a week ago. My O2 machine died on me with only 2,900 hours on it. Fortunately I had the insight to get another one just like it as a backup. When you're life depends on it, you want a backup plan. But now I don't trust the backup after the identical one blew out, so I needed another backup machine. But not another cheaper Chinese model again. So I went into debt up to my eyeballs again to buy a medical grade better model. Boy, I just can't get ahead. As soon as things are looking up a little, something else comes up to set me back a lot again. It's gotten incredibly expensive just to stay alive with COPD.

Gotten some more work, but all the extra money, plus more loans goes to the new machine & treatments. Unlike my old O2 machine that only drew 100 watts, this new one draws 350 watts & gives off even more heat. It does put out up to 5 times the O2 though, so can fill the O2 storage bags 5 times faster, or recover directly from the machine rather than drawing large puffs off the bag. But at 350 watts & all that heat, I'm just running it to fill the bags anyway, & then shutting it right back off. Maybe in the cold winter I won't mind leaving it on longer if it gives off some heat, so all that energy isn't wasted. It was always nice a warm near my smaller O2 machine this winter. The dang thing is heavy too. Thank god it's on wheels.

No battery backups for that monster... it draws too much power. Generators aren't an option for apartment living. So I want to save my 100 watt backup O2 machine for emergency backup only now. I have 2 lithium battery packs with built in invertors, that will each run the 100 watt O2 machine for about 2 hours. That's enough to fill my 42 liter O2 storage bags 5 times with 90% O2... or 10 times with 50% O2. In a power outage emergency, I'd probably ration it out at the lower 50% concentration so it lasts longer, but 50% isn't as effective as 90 concentration... just survivable.

I tried to fix the one that died. I took it apart, I found the hose from the compressor to the cooling coil had popped off. I firmly re-arrached it -- more than firmly enough to hold under the 20 PSI operating pressure. It ran fine for about 4 hours & popped off again with a loud pop & hiss. These were not designed to be taken apart & serviced. It took about 3 hours to get it apart, 10 mintues to fix it, & another 4 hours to get it all back together.

I took it apart again, re-attached the hose making absolutely certain it was on there good & tight, & put it back together. This time it ran for about an hour, & popped again. So whatever is wrong it was getting worse. I don't see any pressure relief valve in it like in higher-end models. What could be causing the pressure to go that high to pop off the hose, or is the hot compressed air coming from the compressor getting too hot causing the hose to become soft, stretch, & get lose, but is firm & tight when it cooled down?

I'll have to poke with it another time when it's cooler up here, & I'm breathing better. There is no service manual, service data, or parts available for these. If I can't figure out the problem, maybe I can just bypass it. Maybe add a pressure release valve set to about 25-30 PSI & a thermal shutoff that shuts down the compressor if it gets too hot. That way it still runs fine most of the time, only cutting off a few seconds to a few minutes to release extra pressure or cool down.

We missed another Betty holiday Saturday, my birthday. Even I skipped it. I knew it was going to be miserably hot that day, so already celebrated it the Thursday before. Saturday, I spent most of the day way too hot even with the AC on, staying in bed or a chair most of the day & night. The new O2 machine arrived Friday. I had to rely on the assistance of others just to get it up here. It sat in the corner until Sunday night when it got cool & breathable enough for me to roll it where it needs to be & set it up. I used the smaller 100 watt machine in the meantime.

2:40am in the morning, & I still hear lots of fireworks going off. Boy, stupid people, most people aren't awake to see them at this hour, but they just woke everybody up anyway.
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