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I am on O2 24/7 and use oxygen bottles and a concentrator.  You said your saturation levels drop walking back to your oxygen?  Why are you walking back without a hose?  As for losing your breath when you bend over?  When I went through rehab I was told that there is a concentration of carbon dioxide that hasn't been expelled which then triggers an alarm to take a breath.  Next time you're about to bend, exhale forcefully first, then do the bend.  I do this for socks  or picking things us.

Mary Beth

/ Re: New Movie
« Last post by andyg0404 on January 11, 2018, 04:48:04 PM »
Thanks Betty, I thought it was the parens. I'm just glad we have Tiny URL which seems to fix the problem.
Andy G.
/ Re: Sissy stuff to keep warm with during the "VORTEX"?
« Last post by Betty on January 11, 2018, 03:46:42 PM »
Holy crap! 60F (16C) today. 60 degree difference in just 4 days. Saturday night it will get back down to 6F (-14C), & Sunday night down to 4F (-16C). Friday is expected to jump from 50F (10C) to 14F (-10C) in just a few hours.
/ Re: New Movie
« Last post by Betty on January 11, 2018, 03:33:53 PM »
I fixed the link with a feature we have here. I couldn't show you in text how, because the code would screw up the post, so see the attached jpg.

Our SMF core features provide the solution for odd URLs. Click on our hyperlink feature when posting, insert the url in the code, & you can name the link to anything you want. The visitors just see & click on whatever you named the link.

Although we use extremely modified SMF software as our base system, I've kept most of the original core features. They're very similar to the same features used by PHPbb & vBulletin boards. That way visitors can expect many of the same features, & expect Betty's to function mostly like all popular common forums & boards. I used a lot of coding from SMF, PHPbb, & vBulletin to build our current version of Betty's. So it's like the best of all 3 of them, with a lot of home made stuff thrown in.
/ Re: New Movie
« Last post by Betty on January 11, 2018, 02:52:47 PM »
For a couple years, a few years ago, it became acceptable to use parentheses in URLs (web addresses). But because browsers, scripts, web protocols, php, malware, & viruses all use coding that contains parentheses, it was discovered it causes programming errors, confusion, browser problems, security problems, & antivirus problems.

So it is no longer considered acceptable to use parentheses in URLs... especially at the ends, unless it's a special URL containing a redirect or special browser instructions within the URL. Unforunately, although special instructions or redirection in parentheses are acceptable inside a URL, they also  could be malicious.  A lot of security software will break a link or redirect in a URL with odd characters or parentheses.

Betty's instructs browsers to open links posted by users in a new window. The script in those instructions contain parentheses which causes conflicts with parentheses in a URL... especially if it's at the end of the address. As a double whammy, security will detect URLs with parentheses or odd characters as potentially dangerous & may block or cut some of them.

The internet would be a lot safer if web protocols entirely banned the use of odd characters used in programing, including brackets, & parentheses in URLs.

Indeed, unless you trust the site, you are at great risk clicking on a URL with odd characters, brackets, & parentheses in it. More often than not, they are used for malicious purposes.
/ Re: New Movie
« Last post by andyg0404 on January 11, 2018, 10:00:25 AM »
Hi Betty,

See what happens when you click on this link.

Andy G.
/ Re: payment
« Last post by Betty on January 11, 2018, 12:31:02 AM »
Thank you so much my friend.

A little reminder everyone. Don't set up automatic monthly payments/donations to Betty's at PayPal. It don't work. From what I was told, automatic monthly payments only work for business sites with shopping carts with PayPal installed. We don't sell anything, so do not have a cart.

The ads here are an experiment, & don't earn much. The ads at Betty's, combined with all my YouTube channels are earning about $27-$35 a month. And they don't pay until a month after they've earned over $100. So I'll only see a check from them once every 3-4 months.

It's more a proof of concept experiment, & to hopefully someday attract other or better advertisers. There's been some grumbling that we can't run ads here. So here's the proof... Yes, we can run ads here, even from very strict Google.

We tend to like to stay under the radar so we don't attract spammers, scammers, hackers, & trolls. But by running ads from a premium advertising company, it puts us on the radar with web businesses as a high-traffic (but well hidden) set of sites. This places us in a higher ranking, & better reputation, without attracting a lot of the extra riff-raff.

We're getting the traffic as good or surpassing our busiest years back in the old days when Betty's was recognized worldwide as a formidable force on the web. We got big numbers, so it's time to get some recognition for it again.

Late in 2017, & this year there's a lot of changes in the web & how it works. I'm not at all happy with all of the changes, & neither will you. I refuse to cooperate with some of these changes. But rather loose rankings, & being placed low on searches by not cooperating, by attracting & maintaining even low-paying advertising, plus having linked external channels with advertisers will keep our rankings up... even if I don't do exactly what they say I should.

We get 4.5 million or more hits per year, & run advertising on most pages, plus on our channels. Are they really gonna rank us low because I won't do what they tell me to? Rankings are supposed to be about how popular a site is, how safe it is, & how much people like it, not about what complies with a rule book written by Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Those rules are mostly to make all sites work, & look exactly the same, with no controversy, politics, sex, or honest & useful commentary. They want white or off-white pages with pale grey text, & blue links. I thought we were over that crap in 1996!

Now they threaten to give all sites a low ranking that don't look good & function well on a 4" phone screen vertically. If you're on a tiny screen visiting a real website, you have to use your phone horizontally, not vertically. We are not gonna dumb down our sites, & make them look terrible on a computer just because people with a tiny phone are too stupid than to try to turn their phone sideways at a real website.

They threaten in 2018, to give all websites that don't use an "https" encrypted web address a low ranking. Really? Did https prevent millions at Yahoo, Verizon, Equafax, banks, or your iphone from being hacked? No! Your passwords, & cookies needed to log in here are encrypted. I will not encrypt the entire website & address. We don't sell anything here, & I certainly hope you are not using the same login here as you do at your bank. However, Betty's is safer & more secure than many banks, & big online shopping sites. So why the hell do I need to encrypt the entire site?

If you're visiting Betty's on an un-trusted, & un-secure wifi connection, the bad guys there will still know you're visiting Betty's if we had https. Our own security & encryption is fine. Converting to https puts an extra large unnecessary load on our sites, servers, bandwidth, & an unnecessary load on your computer or device, & bandwidth.

However, rest assured if you donate through paypal, they do use https encryption for transactions. We don't do banking & transactions here. We don't sell anything, so don't need https.

We will not be switching to https. If I could see any advatage or improved safety using it here, we would have switched long ago.

We will not be turning our sites to look goofy so somebody can visit here while holding their 4" phone vertically. Learn how to use the phone horizontally when visiting a real website, or get a computer. We do have a separate feed for phones & portables at Betty's though. If your portable device's browser is set for phone or tablet viewing rather than a desktop/laptop view, you get our mobile feed automatically.

It even looks good vertically on a 7" android screen. But on my 4.5 inch phone, it has to be flipped horizontally. On your portable, you should see a "mobile home" button on the top of our pages if your portable device's browser is set correctly. If you see a "home" button instead of a "Mobile Home" button near the top, you're viewing our regular, normal version, not the mobile version.

Our sites were designed specially for regular computers & laptops. So as long as your screen is big enough, you're better off using our normal version by changing your browser settings to desktop/laptop view.

I spent a lot of time creating our mobile versions a few years ago, & just updated them last week, but they are a compromise for small screens. And never visit real websites vertically on real tiny screens & phones. Almost all websites are really designed to be visited horizontally.
/ Re: New Movie
« Last post by Betty on January 10, 2018, 10:59:40 PM »

All the links seem to be working for me. "Site unavailable" could mean the server was just too busy at the time, or the browser just timed out or got disconnected during loading, or their server just detected too many clicks from the same ISP & decided to temporarily limit access. Your browser may have even detected an ad it didn't like or that was served from an untrusted source & blocked it.

I see the NFL claims rights to some audio or visual on 1 of the pages, & may be blocking it from some users or link sources.

Here's at Betty's, if someone clicks around a couple dozen times very quickly on our pages, our servers will say it's unavailable & lock them out for about an hour... as an anti-hack & anti-spam measure. Also somewhere between 3am to 3:20am E. USA time, our newer servers do their regular daily maintenance & limit traffic during that maintenance cycle. If we're getting a lot of traffic at the time (typically we get a lot of our early birds from the UK around then), our servers will give an "unavailable" to some of our visitors to lighten the load during maintenance.

That's on the server company-side of the servers, & I have no control over it. On our older servers, we'd just slow down service during maintenance or updates to lighten the load, rather than limit how many can use the system during maintenance. Pages would just respond & load a little slower during maintenance rather than cut off extra users. Or if I was personally doing maintenance, updates, upgrades, or repairs, I'd just switch everything over to "members only" access to lighten the load if I needed to. I also do that when we run out of money to lighten loads. With a lighter load, I can temporarily switch to our cheaper servers, or downgrade the current server to a cheaper service until I can raise enough to pay for our full normal service.

That's why stories gets restricted to "members only" much more frequently than our other pages & sites. It gets over 3 times the traffic than here, so cost the most in servers to run... especially when you consider running backups & protection for it all too. When you see "members only" access at stories, it may in fact not even be served by our regular stories sever anymore, or I had to temporarily downgrade the server to save costs.

I read something about that movie in early spring. There was little written about it then, no previews, & couldn't find it anywhere, so gave up on it. I just found out now, it only showed in select movie festivals in the world last year, & IFC got rights to the full USA distribution. It looks like it will be a web release on the 18th. So that probably means just about everybody could see it shortly after that.

The previews look pretty cool, so I'll be keeping an eye out for it.
/ New Movie
« Last post by andyg0404 on January 10, 2018, 05:01:21 PM »

Bette Midler's new movie, Freak Show, is about a gender bending teen who runs for homecoming queen.  Here's a link to the trailer.

And here's another link with pictures and a different trailer.

And finally, another link with an interview with director Trudy Styler. (Sting's wife)

Betty, when I inserted the above link into this post as it appears on the website and clicked on it during preview it went to the website and said the page didn't exist. It appears that something on the Betty site affected the original URL, perhaps the parens around the word film. I seem to remember another occurrence similar to this not too long ago.

Andy G.

/ Re: payment
« Last post by samantha1 on January 08, 2018, 05:30:41 PM »
Hi Betty,just to let you know i have sent you some money today
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