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There are people who seem to post pictures of almost every meal they ate, every pair of shoes they've owned, & 1,000 pictures of a new baby. I used to joke that I can guess somebody's weight by how many pictures of food they post. Seriously, if you're posting pictures of your food once every couple days or more, you're probably overweight.

Perhaps if enough people know about a 1,000 picture limit, they'll select the pictures that they really don't need there to delete before the company decides what to delete. Some people's pages really need to get rid of a lot of clutter.

A 1000 picture limit is a bit unfair though. It should be set to a maximum amount of GB in storage space or bandwidth usage. I see people posting a 800x600 image at 2.5mb (2500kb) in size, where the same thing could have been posted in loss-less jpg compression at only 40-70kb in size with no loss in quality. Make the people pay extra who still haven't figured out the internet & how to post pictures after over 20 years of trying.

Then there's those people who post 9000x5000 pixel images at 4-20mb in file size. That's sort of pointless because the most common resolution of people's screens on the internet is 720-800 x 1280-1360 pixels, followed by around 1080x1920 pixels. Whichever screen they use, they usually have their text DPI or browser zoom turned up a notch to view small print easier. So most people are only viewing at 70-80% their maximum resolution.

When you add a tool or browser bar at the top or bottom of the screen, you only have enough space in your viewing area left for a picture 600-800 pixels tall.

Not only do those oversized pictures take up a lot more drive space, they suck up a lot more of the servers & users bandwidth every time somebody clicks on them. People who run lots of over sized pictures because they don't have a clue, or just don't care about such things should pay more.

Also a page that only gets a dozen hits a week uses a lot less bandwidth & server resources, than a page that gets thousands of hits a day. That's how the real internet works. You pay for a server by how much storage it will have, & how much bandwidth (traffic) it can handle. A web host serving a few thousand 50-70kb pictures to a few dozen people a week is pretty cheap. A web host serving just a simple page to 10,000 people a day can get pretty expensive.

Google drive offers 15gb of storage space for free. That's about 1/4 million normal sized JPGs. You can share a link to any folder or file on it with friends & family. But it's not a web hosting platform. If you share a lot of files on Google drive with a lot of people, it will poop out.

You can still post pictures for free on Facebook or here. But beware that the board or I will probably compress & resize over sized pictures posted here. The board is set not to display images taller than 600 pixels, or wider than the board itself, & will resize the display. So it's pointless waste to post images bigger than what you can see on the screen. I've caught Facebook over compress images & video so they look worse.

You probably won't see many new people signing up to Flickr for $50 a year (over $4/mo). What will happen is that many that don't have a clue, didn't save all their pictures offline, might pay $50 not to lose what they already have there. So they're essentially holding large or overloaded pages hostage for money. I'm sure others have no idea they have 1,000 pictures there until Flickr starts deleting them.

It doesn't look like it, but we're serving over 13,000 pictures here just from our Betty's Pub server... mostly the galleries. The stories server (not known for many pictures) is serving over 2,000 pictures. The Unclegadget server serves about 1,000 more. I use that one for larger pictures & files. It's the least used server so has more resources available for bigger files. Our background music comes from there too.
/ Re: Television Alert
« Last post by francene on November 11, 2018, 09:50:52 AM »
Hi Betty:
I'm interested on your take after you watch it. I'll hold my comments until you look a it.
/ Re: Videos
« Last post by Betty on November 11, 2018, 02:20:20 AM »
Good golly, you found another film I haven't seen yet. I read about this stuff all the time, but missed it. But I read a lot about all sorts of stuff so maybe it missed my radar. I tend to read more about tech, & science the most -- it's just how I am.

But you do have a follower. Art is near the top of my list. I even drew & painted a lot, not to sell but for fun.

With fire & theft living cheap in a city as a struggling artist, most of my art was lost except a few simple murals or logos I painted on the side of buildings or inside on the wall of a museum, store, or nightclub.

It was only over about 2 years ago, I got a "display model" keyboards/synthesizer, to play music again the old fashioned way. Wanted another sax too, but with copd, I don't think my breath would be good enough. Eyeballing a decent used guitar & violin. If it looks like I'll be alive another year, I'll get at least a used guitar, & some art supplies. I played a fair guitar, but never played a violin yet... did experiment with a cello for a couple days & it didn't go too bad.

Anyway, rattling on for no reason as usual, I found a copy of "Just Charlie"  & just downloaded it.

Thanks for the tip. I love them.

I see it wasn't released in the USA until Feb. 2018 & never released in Canada. It also was only released at movie festivals & small niche groups. That's probably why it fell off my radar. Damn shame, the clips look pretty cool, so it might be a good movie.

After I watch it, If I like it or feel some of our members would like it, I can probably get it on our private viewing section.
/ Re: Pretty Clothes & Dresses (gallery)
« Last post by Betty on November 11, 2018, 01:11:02 AM »
So many to choose from. Before the fire I had quite the girls clothing collection, including some rare oldies, so I would never get bored with the hobby.

With COPD, even dressing & undressing is a laborious task of heavy breathing & gasping. So I'm dressing up less, or simpler these days, & saving the fancy stuff for good days when I feel my best, & won't be bothered by anyone. Right now I'm just wearing an ordinary girls pink sweatpants & sweatshirt. They're soft, warm, & cozy. Got down to the 20s F last night, & really can't afford to crank up the heat too high. I breathe better when the air is a little cooler too.

Still have more girls clothes than boys though. The boy clothes I usually wear fit in about 2 drawers (except my coats for cold weather hung near the door). The rest of the drawers & the closet, are filled with girls clothes.
/ Re: Television Alert
« Last post by Betty on November 11, 2018, 12:53:16 AM »
Thanks. Dang, I missed it. Having a busy week, plus had some health issues to slow me down. But I'm feeling better for the past couple days, & am finally all caught up with most of the important stuff.

I thought I'd just go to their website & watch or download it there. I've discovered they don't have complete past shows at their site anymore, just brief clips. Most shows or their network websites archive at least the past few shows a day or 2 after airing them for those who missed it, but not Dr. Phil.

After some digging, I found the episode somewhere else. I'll probably uploaded to our private viewing area for those who missed it after I watch it.
Ah, now I understand. Thanks Ace.

Andy G.
/ Re: Is it really the Fall Flickr already? Well, just about.
« Last post by ace on November 10, 2018, 09:58:32 PM »
Can you fill me in on what you're talking about regarding future generation pics

Sorry Andy, maybe should have said younger generation, teens etc.

Yahoo sold Flickr so "free" users have until February next year to become a "Pro" member, or have their free repository limited to 1000 photos. From that date, any photos over the 1000 limit will be deleted, starting with the older ones.

Hi Ace,

Can you fill me in on what you're talking about regarding future generation pics, I have no idea what that is. I wasn't aware of new Flickr rules either. For quite a while the search was screwed up and it seems to me there's far fewer newer pics than there used to be. Perhaps because of what you mention.


Andy G.
/ Re: Is it really the Fall Flickr already? Well, just about.
« Last post by ace on November 10, 2018, 09:12:30 PM »
Andy, great selection (as always). I do miss the future generation pics, but understand why Betty preferred them not to be here.

I wonder how the new Flickr rules will affect the great selection currently available? Not everyone can afford $50 (even though Flickr assumes they can). But the majority are prepared to share.

I can't help but wonder why they don't introduce ads to pay the way of the non-Pro members? Ah well time will tell .....
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