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Pet's Place
/ the croydon cat killer
« Last post by patricialacey on September 21, 2018, 08:26:50 AM »
hi Betty. I live about 3 miles from croydon and this stories been bugging me for some time now
 as it was always assumed a human was responsible.
I kind of hope it is a fox as "nature red in tooth & claw" I can accept a little more calmly
/ Re: Doctor Who gets a sex change.
« Last post by patricialacey on September 21, 2018, 08:01:46 AM »
Brace yourself for a let-down.

According to the BBC, the next new episode after last night's Christmas episode won't be until the latter half of 2018! They haven't even set an exact air date or month yet. Perhaps if enough fans whine, they'll move air dates up. Are they deliberately trying to ruin the series or just so stupid?

Hi Betty
 this is the latest update on dr who that I can find
 I think you're about 4 or 5 hours behind globally so it's airing say 2 or 3 am on your side of the pond
 (that is assuming bbc transmits or streams live to the states)
I've viewing this kind of content on youtube for a while now some are interesting, some are entertaining and a lot are just plain boring!
 Here are a couple of channels I visit occasionally.

and another

I kind of missed the boat here, I wonder if any littles out there need need a dom Grandpa?
/ Woman lives as a toddler, with her boyfriend "daddy".
« Last post by Betty on September 17, 2018, 04:12:48 PM »
Most people don't realize that most ABDL people, & crossdressers are straight. There are a lot of men & women that like to dress up or be like a baby girl. It is not a gay, lesbian, or straight thing. It's a role playing thing for fun. It may be sexy, or it may be just for kicks.
/ Living the dream
« Last post by patricialacey on September 16, 2018, 03:23:12 PM »

I don't know if this has been posted before, it dates from 2011 just when my old liver gave up on me.
Consequently I wasn't  online much
/ Oliver Button Is A Sissy
« Last post by patricialacey on September 16, 2018, 03:04:55 PM »
I wish this kind of thing was around when I was a kid
/ Re: Movie
« Last post by Betty on September 16, 2018, 02:16:01 AM »
Thanks. It looks like a cool movie. I see it's been showing at film festivals since May, but no mainstream distributors have picked it up yet. If it isn't picked up by theaters in Europe by October, we may never see it here in the USA. But being in French, we might be able to order the disk from Canada after the new year.

It appears Netflix bought the North and Latin American rights to stream the film. So we may never see it here until Netflix is ready to show it, & of course, you have to be a subscriber.

It's not on the Usenet or torrents yet.

Non English interviews, so I can only understand a few words:

One with some translations:
/ Re: This year’s Summer Flickr
« Last post by andyg0404 on September 15, 2018, 05:21:10 PM »
Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

After a rather cool rainy week today is a gloriously beautiful warm day. Hopefully we’ll get more of these before summer really goes away.

This week I got my flu shot and my pneumonia shot. I recommend that all board members regardless of their age get the flu shot. I didn’t bother with it for many years and then I caught the flu. It was the sickest I can ever remember being. I woke up and pretty much fell out of board and crawled to my reading chair and just sat in it the entire day. Couldn’t read or watch television, just sat shaking. It was not pleasant. Subsequently I make a point of getting the shot and have had no recurrences since then. The pneumonia shot is aimed at senior citizens, those of us who are 65 and older, but there are other circumstances when younger individuals should consider it as well. You can read about it here, It’s not an annual vaccination it’s usually one time. I had one a few years ago but the composition of the vaccine has changed drastically and it was recommended that we should get the second shot so I did.  I got both shots at the same time and while I had no side effects my arm was sore for a week. To the point that I couldn’t raise my arm over my head let along do my pushups, pullups or chins. It’s better now though. Anyone who had chicken pox as a child and is over 65 should also get the Shingles vaccine. The pox stays in your system and over time could manifest itself in shingles which is a very painful condition. I had the shingles shot a few years ago but, again, the composition of the new drug is much more effective and revaccination is recommended. It’s not covered by primary Medicare but is partially covered by Part D, the drug plan. It was very expensive the first time but the price has dropped for this one. This is a two vaccination process separated by 2-6 months. The vaccine has also been in short supply and the current estimate for arrival is the end of September so I’ll check again in early October. Be smart with your health.

This is Asian week at the auction houses so I visited both Christie’s and Sotheby’s. These auctions aren’t like the Impressionist, American and Old Masters auctions in that you won’t see many multi-million dollar bids, or instantly recognizable artists or styles.  There are always nice things to look at though. Below are some of the things I liked.

THE ZUO BAO YI GUI A HIGHLY IMPORTANT AND EXTREMELY RARE BRONZE RITUAL FOUR-LEGGED FOOD VESSEL – I’m always curious as to what’s going to be the big ticket item in the auctions and while most of the paintings I saw were well below millions of dollars this old bronze pot had an estimate of $4-$6 million. In viewing it you might consider it interesting as something that was very old and remarkably intact, albeit a little green from oxidation but I don’t think your first thought would be this is worth millions of dollars. For some reason this has disappeared from the Christie’s website but I was able to find a picture on a blog.

With the following I’ve linked to the main item page and then to an enlargement. Some of the enlargements also need to be clicked on to increase the magnification.

WITH SIGNATURE OF QIU YING - Green and Blue Landscape – This is a large scroll showing  a sprawling landscape of greenery and mountains with houses nestled within. At the bottom there’s a little foot bridge with several people on it.

GAO JIAN (ATTRIBUTED TO, 1634-1708) - Winter Scene – I like the whiteness of the snow covering everything with just a little green still showing on the tree in the front. The two travelers probably heading home to the house over the bridge.

ANONYMOUS (QING DYNASTY) - Military Encampment – This is another large scroll showing an army group gathering in the woods, very colorful with a lot to see. When I was at the gallery there was a man standing next to me also viewing it and he commented that it was a shame it was damaged as the restoration would be more than the estimated bid range.

Unlike the other auctions I mention above most of the artists in the Asian auctions to my eyes don’t have a very different style, they all seem to paint in the same style. That being said I’ve been to a number of these auction previews now and Pu Ru is someone who I’ve come to very much like. It seems that as I walk the floor I inevitably stop to look at something I find particularly attractive and quite often it’s by Pu Ru. He’s a 20th Century Chinese artist and he must have been very prolific as I see a lot of his work at these auctions. They are usually colorful and very pleasing to the eye. Here are four paintings, two each from Christie’s and Sothebys, two landscapes and two floral paintings.

PU RU – Landscape

PU RU - Scholar on Cliff

Pu Ru - Peonies

Pu Ru – Red Bamboo

HUANG JUNBI – Waterfall – The immensity of the falls can be imagined from the tiny figures on the bridge at the top of the painting. Wonderful the way he’s used mostly white to depict the rushing waters.

GAO YIHONG - Peaceful Home – I’m drawn to the paintings with color and I really liked the birds among the bamboo stalks with just those few red buds.

QI KUN - Listening to a Waterfall – If it wasn’t for the title you can almost miss the small image of the person at the bottom who is doing the listening.

Wang Pu - SEVEN SAGES OF THE BAMBOO GROVE – These are the same Seven Sages you saw in my post about my visit to the Chinese rotation at the Met.

Feng Chaoran - CAT GAZING A BUTTERFLY – I love this fat cat lurking amid the foliage with his eyes focused on what he probably thinks would be very tasty.

Sha Fu - PLAYFUL CHILDREN – Nice juxtaposition of the children circled around what I’m guessing to be a pool of some kind as their faces are reflected back at them in the water while the fourth child is coming out of hiding behind the screen.

Liu Jiyou - LONGEVITY AND GOOD FORTUNE – I was drawn to this painting by the colors of the old man’s robe, the fur of the deer and the ribbon tied to the staff the child is carrying. Love the monkey as well.

Li Qiujun - SPRING AND AUTUMN – Two lovely colorful still lifes.

Xue Yue - FLOWERS AND BIRDS – Four hanging scrolls with colorful flowers and birds perched on the branches.

I’m glad I was able to visit both auction houses as there were worthwhile things in both, I could have linked to many more paintings.

Now let’s leave the Orient and visit with the Flickrs.

Andy G.

Collage à Trois

Becki West


_TCM6605 French Maid

Internet beauty

58,000 views. Sissy Bride.




Happy Friday!
/ Movie
« Last post by andyg0404 on September 15, 2018, 04:45:41 PM »

Just read about a French film due in the United States in the middle of November. It's about a transgender teenager who wants to be a ballerina.

This is the IMDB page for the movie with some photos.

This is the trailer, it's in French.
GIRL - Un film de Lukas Dhont, avec Victor Polster

'Girl': Film Review | Cannes 2018 - Hollywood Reporter

Variety review

Andy G.
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