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/ Re: New Show? More Info
« Last post by francene on February 02, 2019, 07:22:26 PM »
 'Glamorous' will be exec produced by Damon Wayans Jr.

The CW is making waves with its latest pilot order of the season.

The network has handed out a pilot order for Glamorous, a drama revolving around a gender non-conforming high school graduate who lands the gig of a lifetime interning at a cosmetics company whose products they panned on YouTube.

Still not date. Fran
/ New Show?
« Last post by francene on February 02, 2019, 06:17:27 PM »
I don't know much about it but Damon Wayans has a new show to be aired on CW. I have no dates or too many details. Read about it here.

/ Re: Regrettably I see it's time for the Winter Flickr
« Last post by andyg0404 on February 02, 2019, 05:21:56 PM »
Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

It was 10 degrees when I went for my walk this morning which wasn’t too bad, at least in comparison to what we’ve been experiencing. And it warmed up into the thirties with the forecast temperature only increasing as the week goes on culminating in a possible temperature of 60 degrees. Both groundhogs, Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck, predict an early spring to which I can only say, God I hope so. In the papers it said Phil’s predictions aren’t so accurate being right 40% of the time while Chuck is right 80% of the time. Maybe since both call for early spring this year there’s a 120% possibility it will happen. Of course math was never my best subject.

It was a cold morning but not unbearable when I walked downtown to the Whitney Museum to see the Andy Warhol exhibit, Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again.  I had no plans to see it as he is not someone I particularly care for but there really wasn't anything up that I hadn't already seen. This exhibit did not change my mind. It’s the first retrospective of his entire career since 1989 and it’s a major compilation filling three floors of the museum. This is a link to the Whitney website with an overview, three videos and audio clips. There are also 19 sections, each with a descriptive essay and then the art from that section.  You can see it had the iconic works, the Brillo boxes, the Jackie O’s, the Elvises and other things I think most people associate with him.

I’ll discuss some of the things that were of interest to me. 

In the 50’s he was a commercial artist doing illustrations for shoe companies and other work for hire. He clearly had artistic talent as well as a keen eye for marketing both his work and himself. And I can’t argue that he changed the way the world looks at art.

This is an example of a magazine spread on shoes that he illustrated for Life Magazine.

This is a New York Times ad for a television show that ran on September 13, 1951, “The Nation’s Nightmare” with the graphic illustration by Warhol. It was also used on the broadcast when it was released as an album.

I find this and the magazine illustration interesting as I’ve always enjoyed artists who started in this field such as Edward Hopper. Back in 2014 I visited the Museum of the City of New York for an exhibit of commercial art by Mac Conner who at the time was 101 years old and believe it or not is still alive today at 106. I very much enjoyed the art for his magazine covers. This link is to an article from the Times about the exhibit with a few examples.

I have a TV Guide from the early 50’s with an article on television title cards that shows one Warhol created. Unfortunately I didn't make a point of noting which one it is and when I looked for it was unable to find it. This is a link to a website that discusses this period in his life and notes his eagerness to get involved in title cards as he felt it would bring him publicity and make him famous. The site quotes him in response to the question, do you want to be a great artist as saying, “No, I'd rather be famous." He certainly achieved that. The link is to page 4 of a timeline about him and you can go back to the first page and then move forward to learn more.

How many people remember hand created title cards on early television shows? This is a short video that illustrates the concept.

This is another thing that intrigues me, a very large hand painted facsimile of a front page from the New York City tabloid, the New York Mirror. This is a link to a review of an exhibit at the National Gallery in Washington that focused on his newspaper headlines.

It occurred to me there weren't many people attending the exhibit who had actually seen that newspaper or even heard of it. It was a poor competitor to the New York Daily News, the dominant tabloid newspaper for so many years in New York that is now unfortunately just a shell of itself due to the massive reduction of staff that new management instituted in recent times. The Mirror went out of business in 1963 the year after the painting. We never had the Mirror or the Journal American in my house when I was a child, taking the Times, the News and the New York Post which was a bastion of liberalism back then. This frustrated me as a child because they both had wonderful Sunday funnies. I’ve been saving the News funnies since the late 1970’s and wish I still had the ones from the 50’s and 60’s.  The Journal actually had a color comics section on Saturdays as well as Sundays. But even at 11 I knew I wanted a copy of the last edition of the Mirror which I was unable to locate. Lots of people saved it as I think is proved by all the copies that are available on EBAY. I subsequently obtained a copy from that source, twice I think since I forgot I had already done so but that worked out because the first copy I got was a much thinner edition than the subsequent one. Back then newspapers printed multiple editions each day with updated stories. The headlines for that issue were about Joe Valachi the Mafia boss. 

I’m frustrated as an adult that I haven’t been able to find a bound volume of the Mirror or the Journal American. I have a volume of the New York American but neither the New York Journal nor the combined paper. I have the Herald, the Tribune and the Herald Tribune, The World, The Sun, The World Telegram and Sun but not the Telegram or The World Telegram. Nor The World Journal Tribune although I have the first edition, first Sunday edition and the final edition. Multiple copies of the Daily News and New York Times. Two copies of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, several of the New York Post as a broadsheet but not as a tabloid, New York Compass but not the New York Star, two copies of PM, The Kansas City Star and The Chicago Tribune. No New York Graphic either. Of the ones I don’t have, in the 17 years I’m on EBAY I only saw one Daily Mirror volume which was in poor condition and went for over $400. So I’m frustrated but I continue to look. I’m curious to know how many board members have ever even heard of these newspapers. I guess if you didn’t live in the New York City area you might know a few of them that had a National reputation but unless you’ve been around for a while like me you’re probably too young to remember all the others.

Andy Warhol - Ethel Scull 36 Times, 1963. Silkscreen ink and acrylic on linen, thirty-six panels: 80 × 144 in – I remember the Sculls, she and her husband Robert, were major art collectors in the 70’s, buying contemporary artist’s works. After 30 years of marriage they had a rancorous divorce and then fought over their collection which Robert had claimed sole credit for acquiring. After long litigation she was awarded a 35% share in the collection and met with her former husband to divide the works. This is from her obituary in the Times, “By the flip of a coin, Mrs. Scull won one of the most important, Jasper Johns's 1959 ''Out the Window.'' Later that year she sold it at auction for $3.63 million, then the highest amount paid for a work by a living artist.” But it then goes on to say that she managed to spend it all in a profligate way and her social life was curtailed. I’m fairly certain I have an old issue of New York Magazine that did a feature article on them during their heyday.

Bonwit Teller window display featuring artwork by Andy Warhol – In the window you can see his hand painted Superman painting which I’ve also separately linked to below as well his Dick Tracy painting. I always resented the depictions he, Roy Lichtenstein and the other Pop artists did based on comic book icons. I felt it ripped off the art done in the comics which was never considered art by critics and because it was now being displayed by other than commercial artists was considered “art.” Things have changed greatly in the many years since and graphic novels and comic book artists are accorded respect their predecessors could only dream of.

This video which is almost an hour is a walk through the exhibit with commentary by the artist James Kalm.

These are two in depth reviews of the exhibit with many illustrations, one from Art net and the other the NY Times. On the Times page are four more links to current articles about him.

Well I see I did an awful lot of reminiscing without really commenting that much on Warhol but as I said at the beginning, he’s not someone I think very highly of and I continue to be astounded that he has retained a reputation with his works selling in the millions to the current day. There is no accounting for taste.

While I was at the museum I did enjoy visiting the permanent collection up on the 6th Floor again with a number of paintings that weren't on display the last time I visited including a Hopper and a beautiful O'Keeffe which are linked to below. Always a treat to see Hopper, there were five or six in total.

In other art news this looks interesting.
A New Project Uses Watercolors to Picture the World Before Photography—and Reveals the Devastating Effects of Climate Change
The Watercolour World makes the case for these fragile images as a vital intellectual resource.
And now for those who waded patiently through my nostalgia now let’s go to the Flickrs.

Andy G.

Closeted but Happy

same day different styles

i went outside for a change. goodbye 2018

The bride - the girl in white

But why can't I be a Disney Princess too?



someone unwrap me

Me and friend Jasmine

/ Re: Sissy stuff to keep warm with during the "VORTEX"?
« Last post by Betty on January 31, 2019, 06:59:46 PM »
It was really bitter cold for the few minutes I was outside.

Be careful. With the high winds it's more dangerously cold than the thermometer shows. You body temperature can drop rather quickly & incapacitate you. As your body temperature drops, you don't think clearly, & can make mistakes... foolish mistakes you'd normally not do, & you get weak as your heart races dangerously high. One slip, by the time you struggle to get back up, your temperature may have dropped enough to not be sensibly thinking anymore, or be weakened enough not have the strength to make it back inside in time.

I'm sure when it gets this bad, nobody will mind if your snow isn't shoveled until it gets back up too the teens or 20s, or wait for the wind to calm down. Screw them anyway. Your life & safety are more important than a few inches of snow on the sidewalk that may annoy someone.
/ Re: Sissy stuff to keep warm with during the "VORTEX"?
« Last post by Betty on January 31, 2019, 06:41:39 PM »
Hi Betty, is this weather one of the worst that usa has had.

No, Just the worst of the winter season so far. We've had waist to shoulder deep snow plenty of times in my life. -50F wind chills too. Every few years, the suburbs just a few miles south of me can get snow up to their roof eaves... but those are those suburban single-story ranch style houses.

Since these polar vortexes have been more common though, the state of Michigan is consistently the coldest state in the USA in winter -- not Alaska far to the north. But the most populated cities in Alaska typically have milder winters than we do in Buffalo too. It's currently 24 degrees warmer in Anchorage Alaska than it is here.

These new arctic vortexes make sudden & bizzare changes in the weather. They used to be a rare thing, but now these vortexes are common, one right after another. Sunday & Monday is will be warm & raining. All that rain & snow melting is gonna cause some severe flooding. My block is on high ground, & my house is on a hill, so I should be safe from floods.

The 1976-77 storms was the worst snow & cold in my town during my lifetime. But just a dozen or 2 miles south of me they get it that bad or worse every 3-4 years.

Last night we got the forecasted 15 minutes of snow which put some white on the ground but no accumulation. I went out with the shovel but it only took a few minutes to push it aside. I knew it would freeze so I threw the calcium chloride as well. It was really bitter cold for the few minutes I was outside.

When I awoke at 6:45AM this morning I checked the thermometer and it was 3 degrees below zero. This is a new record for me if not the town. I walked down the block to get the newspapers but that was it. I came home and took another ride on the bicycle. It’s just too cold to be outside for any period of time. The treacherous footing was another reason I decided not to take my walk.

Hope everyone is able to stay inside and keep warm. The forecast for my area says it will start to warm up by Saturday and may hit 60 degrees next week. Can our weather get more erratic?

Andy G.
/ Re: New season of "I Am Jazz" started
« Last post by Betty on January 31, 2019, 08:22:01 AM »
Glad she dropped some weight. Near the end of last season she was getting pretty heavy, & after that season she dramatcally & quickly put on even more weight to the point she looked like a beast.

Even the doctors had to put their foot down, & refused to work with her anymore unless she dropped her tonnage. She was just sitting, or laying around a lot while eating all the time. No activity at all except sitting around & talking a lot.

I have this running joke going around, that I can guess someone's weight by how much they post pictures of food on Facebook. Seriously, if you're posting pictures of your food every day, you're too obsessed with food, & probably eating all the time.

They're spending hundreds of dollars a month on a gym or heath club membership, wasting hours exercising there & at home every day, & are still way too fat.

Then they say none of their "diets" work either. Here's a thought, just stop constantly eating & drinking all the time. Get a hobby & do something else. If food is your primary regular joy & pastime in life, your life is clearly missing something.

If you're working out or jogging every morning, & stopping in the gym every evening, & still too fat, you really just need to stop eating all the time. Diet soda, diet doughnuts, diet chips, diet yogurt, & sugar-free food won't help if you're constantly chomping down that stuff.

I've been saving the episodes, but haven't had the time to watch many of them yet. Most of my TV watching happens after dinner or before bedtime when I can sit back, relax, & not worry about anything for a while. The bad about that, is often when relaxed, I doze off trying to watch something, so missed half of it, & have to watch it again someday.
Hi Betty,is this weather one of the worst that usa has had
/ Re: Sissy stuff to keep warm with during the "VORTEX"?
« Last post by Betty on January 30, 2019, 05:44:44 PM »
Andy, this cold is heading your way... with a lot less snow. We're right downwind from the lake so winds pick up moisture & dump it on the land. Usually the "lake effect" band of snow just misses us & hits south of the city (traditionally called the snow belt), but this one hit us directly. In the summer the same "lake effect" blows hot steamy, swampy humidity our way.

Right now there's about 15 inches of snow on the ground. 0F (-18C), wind chill -24F (-31C) & falling. 25mph winds, 40mph gusts.

Current view of the Great Lakes from space. The red dot is me:
Hey Andy, it is hard to find reliable people to do work on your house these days. It took ,e months to find somebody to replace aluminum facia that blew off my house in a spring storm. The came and replaced it and cleaned my eves for me but it was $250.00 for an hours work. Still I could not do it myself and my brother is working in the U.K. for awhile now so he is not available. Stay warm Andy and easy on the walking if you must,
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