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Thanks again Andyg for your Art lesson and gallery visits. I look forward to your post each week as a chance to see both the art and galleries I have no access to right now and I like your comments also ( your first job interview was similar to mine although my father insisted I cut my hair long before that). You know the old story, "under my roof under my rules" and so that is how it was for my first formative years until I was in my late teens, then I somewhat rebelled about the hair rule in high school.
/ Re: youtube find
« Last post by Angela M... on September 22, 2018, 09:13:35 PM »
OK Betty and Robyn, while I agree the pics were not the best. At least Patricialacey posted some content here when many others do not and I thank her for that. Given Betty's track record for cleaning up images and such or finding a better view it would seem that this was a decent effort. OK now I am off my soapbox and I know I have not been here too often myself of late but I do pop in once in awhile. Like all us seniors I am having some health problems and drop by here for some entertainment and to try to keep up with others who I have come to think of as friends. Hope everyone else is keeping well as winter approaches. We are never really prepared for it up here in the northern hemisphere are we.
/ Is it really the Fall Flickr already? Well, just about.
« Last post by andyg0404 on September 22, 2018, 05:43:05 PM »
Is it really the Fall Flickr already? Well, just about.

Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

Yes, regretfully summer ends here in New Jersey tonight at 9:54 PM. The seasons come and go far too quickly to suit me. I guess that’s not true of winter which seems to just go on and on each year. I’m hoping the dire forecasts for lots of snow turn out to be inexact, I don’t look forward to the inconvenience or the financial aspects of removing it.

This week I visited the Rubin Museum of Art at 150 West 17th Street in Manhattan. The museum is the site of the old Barneys New York, a clothing store turned into a museum when Barneys went bankrupt in 2004. Barneys had a six story spiral staircase which was preserved when renovations took place to turn it into the Rubin museum.

This is a link to the museum website with pictures of the staircase and a discussion about what’s on each of the floors.

I visited Barneys more than 40 years ago when I went there to buy a suit for an interview with the Company that would be a long time employer and the first serious job I had after working for my father, holding down temporary positions and being on unemployment for a year. Life was very different back then, I received unemployment benefits of $70 a week and was able to live quite nicely on that. With three roommates we rented a four bedroom home on a substantial piece of property for $375 a month. I was never much of a drinker but I did like to go to the local tavern in the afternoons and have a few 15 cents beers while I partook of the free cheese and crackers and pretzels. It was a very different life. I remember that for the interview I cut off my very long hair and shaved my beard so as to make a good impression and of course I needed to buy a suit to wear for the interview. Having purchased it, as I was walking out of Barneys a young man approached to enter the store and when our eyes met he looked at me and said, hope you get the job. Clearly it was obvious why I was there. I also have to laugh, I mentioned shaving my beard, and when I opened the door to the office where I was interviewing, the first person I saw had a beard. As did every male employee aside from the man who would become my immediate boss and subsequently a life-long friend.

The museum originated from a private collection of Himalayan art which Donald and Shelley Rubin had been assembling since 1974 and is filled with Tibetan art. I’ve been there a few times and it’s always an interesting visit. The main exhibit was dedicated to Padmasambhava,  also known as Guru Rinpoche, an 8th-century Indian Buddhist master widely venerated as a "Second Buddha" by adherents of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, the Himalayan states of India.  Among his talents, he could see time in a panoptical, wraparound way: past, present and future simultaneously. He realized people were prone to be crass and forgetful, so he took the precaution of planting emergency supplies of his teachings in secret places for rediscovery, by generations of teachers called “treasurer revealers.” The exhibition was filled with images of him and his treasure revealers. The museum website doesn’t have a specific gallery of objects in the exhibitions so I’ve linked to a number of websites with reviews and illustrations. It’s really difficult to appreciate the detail that went into these works, so small that the museum offers magnifying glasses to help see the images better. And there is always a lot to see as these images usually tell a story of some sort.

This is an article from the New York Times with a very favorable review of the exhibit with a few illustrations.

This is another review with more illustrations.

And this is an installation view with many illustrations.

This is a link to the Rubin website with an audio tour describing different pictures.

I also went back to the Ronin Gallery for their current exhibition, 47 RONIN - KUNIYOSHI'S BIOGRAPHIES OF THE LOYAL RETAINERS. These woodblock prints tell a story of a real incident in the 18th Century which has been portrayed many times since in all the arts. It was made into a film in 2013 starring Keanu Reeves and a mostly Japanese cast which did not get especially good reviews. This is the actual story as shown on the website.

The celebrated legend of the 47 loyal retainers stems from the historical event known as the Ako incident (1701-1704). Continuously illustrated, adapted, parodied, and performed since the 18th century, the Ako incident entered Edo’s popular culture through the literary rendition Kanadehon Chushingura (1748). The story goes as follows: The shogun appointed Asano, a young lord from the country, to receive the emperor’s ambassadors. The unscrupulous Kira was assigned to teach Asano the ways of court etiquette, but insulted Asano so deeply that the country lord drew his sword in the shogun’s palace. When this offense mandated ritual suicide, Asano’s 47 samurai became ronin, or samurai without a master. Devastated by the loss and outraged by Kira’s trickery, the retainers swore to avenge their master’s death. After much planning, they staged a night attack, killing Kira before turning themselves in and meeting their own death. To this day, the 47 ronin remain enshrined at Sengaku Temple beside their beloved master.

All the wood block prints are of similar format, each shows a Ronin in action with an essay in Japanese describing their life. This is a link to the first in the series,  Tokuda Magodayu Shigemori. Off to the right of the image and above the artist’s name and description of the print is the “next” button which you can click on to see each subsequent prints in slideshow fashion. If you scroll down the page you will see 3 drop down menus. If you click on the + sign next to “About The Art” you’ll see a brief description of the Ronin portrayed. The first Ronin is described as, Tokuda Magodayu Shigemori was an expert at Japanese fencing. He took the oath to be a member with his son, Tadaemon. Even though he was 50 years old, he fought valiantly.

This is a link to the website homepage if you want to explore all the art online which is considerable.

This is a link to a long essay on Wikipedia about the legend of the 47 Ronin.

I always enjoy my visits to the Gallery, it’s a small setting and usually I’m the only one viewing the prints. I look forward to my next visit.

This is an interesting article, “Double Dutch: This Old Masters Dealer Has Discovered Yet Another Previously Unknown Rembrandt.” It’s always exciting when a painting by a revered artist is found.  I find this interesting as an old bound volume of newspapers I own has an article on John C. Van Dyke,  an art expert, who wrote a book in 1923 claiming the majority of paintings attributed to Rembrandt at the time were not by him. He received a lot of flak but history proved him to be accurate in many cases. One of the paintings mentioned in the article is owned by the Met, Old Woman Cutting Her Nails, and the attribution was changed from Rembrandt to “Style of Rembrandt.” It was also at times attributed to Nicolaes Maes, a pupil, and Abraham van Dijck, an associate. The painting is currently not on view. The first link is the article, the second link is essay on Wikipedia about the painting with an illustration. The third link is an article from Newsweek from 1991 which discusses the Rembrandt Research Project which has been down labeling his paintings since it was founded in Holland in 1967. The article states that there were 1000 of his paintings in 1900 but by 2000, based on work by the Project, that figure would drop to 250.

And this is really great news,  “Met plans to leave Breuer building, making way for the Frick.”

The Frick will be able to hang their art in a much better setting, better lighting and so much more space. Bigger exhibits and more of the art that usually doesn't get exhibited. The Met saves money and the Frick's art isn't unavailable for several years while they do their expansion renovations. I look forward to the opening.

Now let’s see what’s new at the Flickrs.

Andy G.

gay sissy 90


Chinese Dress No1



Floral flare minidress

Hi? I’m Kristy, Korean Crossdresser.

A pink princess of the sunshine_03

Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine, Kyoto

July 2018 - Sparkle weekend in Manchester
/ Re: youtube find
« Last post by Robyn Jodie on September 22, 2018, 03:12:05 PM »
2 or 3 blurry, low contrast, narrow vertical phone shots of pictures per minute? Wake me up when it's over.
My sentiments exactly.
/ Re: Doctor Who gets a sex change.
« Last post by patricialacey on September 22, 2018, 08:48:31 AM »
What update (missing link?).
I've tried reposting the link but if the bbc is blocking it-well you're a lot more computer savvy than me,

she will be appearing on the Sean Keaveny show at 7am bst on september 27 which by my reckoning is
2am your time.
I've seen red dwarf get mentioned before so if you're a fan Craig Charles has a show
Also if you were a fan of "THE FUN LOVING CRIMINALS" Huey Morgan also has show.


/ Re: Doctor Who gets a sex change.
« Last post by Betty on September 21, 2018, 09:12:51 PM »
Here's the trailers:

Doctor Who is moving to Sundays, with the first episode 'The Woman Who Fell to Earth' confirmed for Sunday, October 7 on BBC.

For those who missed or forgot most of the Christmas special where the doctor turns into a woman, it's still in the Movies section at the Holiday Videos thread there. He doesn't turn into a woman though until the end. So if you're into Christmas movies & shows later this year, most of our Christmas stuff is still there from last year.

We also this have the sacry movies thread, & the crossdressing movies thread there full of movies for Halloween.

As always, you must be a Betty's Pub member to view that section & movies. They are not for public use, but privately for our group only.
/ Re: Doctor Who gets a sex change.
« Last post by Betty on September 21, 2018, 09:09:52 PM »
What update (missing link?).

BBC won't allow us to see their streams in America. But there is a simple hack trick for that, so it's a stupid moot point to block us.

We do get BBCA (BBC America) on cable TV if you subscribe to certain cable packages. Unfortunately BBCA run a lot of stuff that aired in the UK a year or more ago, or air stuff already produced & aired in the USA or on CBC (Canada). SO BBCA is no biggie here.

Then they wonder why so many people pirate media. Make it easy for people to get it in a timely manner, at a resonable price & nobody will want to pirate the stuff.
/ Re: has political correctness gone mad?
« Last post by Betty on September 21, 2018, 08:49:31 PM »
However, I found the full article on Reddit:

What harm can it do saying that women don’t have penises? Quite a lot, actually, if my experience is anything to go on. After sharing a statement with that message on Twitter, along with a screenshot from a Spectator article, the backlash was swift. Less than a month after sending that tweet, I had lost my position as president-elect of Humanist Students as well as my role as assistant editor of Durham University’s philosophy society’s undergraduate journal, Critique. I was also given the boot as co-editor-in-chief of Durham University’s online student magazine, the Bubble. All for saying something that many people would surely agree with.

The reaction against me was extreme, yet it was far from exceptional. On campus, the subject of gender is now off limits for those who fail to fall into line with the new orthodoxy: that being a man or a woman is fluid. Anyone who says otherwise is liable to find themselves hounded into silence.

It won’t come as much of a surprise that the National Union of Students is leading the charge on this front. Today, the NUS announced its response to the government’s consultation on changes to the Gender Recognition Act. Among the NUS’s more barmy proposals was calling for an end to ‘coercively assigning gender at birth’. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? In future, it seems we might have to wait to ask the child itself when it grows up.

At Durham university, as well as at other universities, it would be easy to think that the importance of never causing offence is all that matters. This remains the case even when upholding this focus gets in the way of facts, or the right of people to hold differing views on contentious subjects, such as gender. This is why my innocuous tweet resulted in such a fierce reaction. I was told that the reason for my firing from the student journal was because I had ‘belittled trans experiences’. The explanation for my removal as editor of Bubble was worse: my position at the magazine, I was told, required me to be impartial. Being impartial, however, requires having no views at all. At least when it comes to gender.

Worryingly, such views are not only confined to our universities, though. TERFs – a slur used by activists against ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminists’ – who resist the idea of self identification of gender, are hounded off Twitter and routinely targeted online, and in person. The government is also hardly helping matters here by refusing to accept there is even a debate to be had on this subject. When the equalities minister Penny Mordaunt announced the government’s consultation on gender, she said the starting point is that ‘Trans women are women’. But what about those who don’t agree with that statement? In my case, I have found out the hard way: for those who fail to adhere to the new orthodoxy on transgenderism, the punishment is swift.

Angelos Sofocleous is a philosophy student at Durham university
/ Re: has political correctness gone mad?
« Last post by Betty on September 21, 2018, 08:42:51 PM »
This is what I get when I click on the link.
/ Re: youtube find
« Last post by Betty on September 21, 2018, 08:31:21 PM »
2 or 3 blurry, low contrast, narrow vertical phone shots of pictures per minute? Wake me up when it's over.
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