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70s? I'm jealous. It's currently a windy 29F (-2C) here just across the state. It snowed a little last night, & now we're having a light ice storm (raining ice not snowfakes). Frequent light flickers, & a few brief power outages due to ice on lines & ice weighing down branches.

My second battery backup for my O2 machine hasn't arrived yet, but is due any day now. With my current battery backup for the machine, & O2 storage, I would probably have enough O2 to last me 24 hours durimg a power failure if I'm frugal with it.
Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

At last we have some Spring like weather to celebrate. Temperatures in the 70’s yesterday and today. Sun shining and no rain. Hurrah! Of course tomorrow the temperature should top out in the forties and we’re going to have rain but let’s not look too far ahead, we’ll only be disappointed.

I get emails from both the auction houses and there’s usually something interesting in them. This is a brief essay and slide show about a portrait painted with flowers. That is, the image is composed of flowers. Anatomy of an Artwork: Allegory of Spring

This week I walked up to an apartment house on Park Avenue and 79th Street to again visit Questroyal Fine Art. This is a gallery that specializes in American art, especially the Hudson River painters. I’ve now been several times and I’ve never been disappointed by the display. It’s in a multi-room apartment and the paintings are hung at eye level on the wall as well as on stands in some of the rooms and even on the floor. The current exhibition and sale is, The Last New World: Important Hudson River School Paintings. I’ve looked forward to this as I received their catalog with illustrations prior to attending. Everything on view was pleasing and I’ll make note of some of the things I particularly liked. Each page has a biography of the artist.

First several works by Sanford Robinson Gifford.

Manchester, Massachusetts, 1864 – As soon as I saw this I was fascinated by the illusion of a face in the rock and wondered if Gifford had deliberately painted it this way or if he was recreating a mountain he had visited.  I sent the image to my brother and asked his opinion and he replied that he didn’t see any significance in the face and said the human brain likes to find faces in things.  Further to that theory, the second link shows an optical illusion you may have seen before, an object that can be seen as either a vase or two faces.

A Sketch of Schloss Rheinstein – I was so taken with the wonderful castle at the very top of the picture that I didn’t much notice the rest of the picture which has many interesting facets. The moon hidden behind the mountain, the travelers carrying their parcels on their heads walking along the road, the trees growing down the side and what looks like a tiny candle off in the distance at the lower right. I have no idea what it actually is since it seems to be an odd place for a lighthouse.

Sunset, 1865 – Just a wonderful seascape with the waves gently rolling in under a quarter moon.

Jasper Francis Cropsey

Doune Castle, 1848 – This is a 14th Century structure with a long history as you can see from the Wikipedia link below.  The castle itself takes up just a small portion of the canvas in the distance while the rest of the picture is dominated by the lush verdant growth.

Winter, 1860 – We can see the isolation of the tiny cabins in the immensity of the snowcapped mountains while the sun peeks over the mountaintop. And the two figures either strolling or exploring with their dog while you can just barely make out other figures closer to the cabin.

John Frederick Kensett

New England Sunrise – A fine seascape with the brilliant sun just emerging over the horizon illuminating the rippling water with a single boat and several tiny birds flying off in the distance.

Pro Patria (Sunset on the Coast) – And this contrasting depiction of the sun obscured as it slowly sinks while still illuminating a portion of the water. Everything calm and serene.

William Trost Richards

Woodland Interior, 1856 – Stately trees in the wilderness by a body of water.

Off Conanicut, Newport, 1904 – Another seascape with roaring surf and a brilliant sun which I think is rising.

Thomas Cole

Catskill Mountain House – Nice to see this after the wonderful Met exhibition of Cole’s work, another instance where he has inserted himself into the painting sketching the mansion on the hill from down below among the colorful foliage.

Ralph Blakelock

Moonlit Stream – While there only two examples of Blakelock’s work in this exhibit the gallery specializes in his art and recently had an exhibit devoted solely to him. This naturally appealed to me for the big moon hanging in the sky.

Albert Bierstadt

Niagara Falls – Capturing the immensity of the falls power and showing the mist emanating from the water obscuring a portion. You can almost hear the roar of the moving water.

Martin Lewis

Snowstorm, Danbury, Connecticut - This is the first painting, a watercolor, I’ve come across for Lewis. Everything I’ve seen before has been a drawing or engraving. I linked to his drawings in the Swann auction preview.

Hermann Herzog

Twilight, 1876 – Herzog is new to me. I found this very atmospheric, the elk coming to the water, the beautiful blue sky with a few clouds drifting over a very calm body of water, the mountains off in the distance. It’s a large painting and you have to scroll over to see the rest of herd off to the right.

William Hart

Under the Bluff – Hart is also new to me but I enjoyed this small oval landscape similar to Gifford’s Schloss Rheinstein, the structure way up high on the mountaintop shown on a beautiful day with a small figure at the bottom enjoying the view while birds fly overhead.

This is a link to the website list of their artists should you want to explore further.

There were many other beautiful things in the exhibition but this should give you an idea of how enjoyable it was for me. I’m never disappointed when I visit.

And now let’s spring over to the Flickrs.

Andy G.


He Learns

My mommy style polka dot swimsuit. Not ready for a bikini yet.

Lucy Summers

Lady outfit .

Red Sissy (2)

Michelle's Weekend Styling 👠💄👗💅👛💍👄



MISAKKY's Younger ages 003
/ Re: The Auction Site
« Last post by andyg0404 on April 12, 2018, 05:49:48 PM »


Andy G.
/ Re: The Auction Site
« Last post by Angela M... on April 12, 2018, 12:31:04 AM »
Cute picture and he looks very happy to pose in those clothes. Thanks for that one andy.
/ Re: Crossdressing & Brolita gallery
« Last post by Angela M... on April 12, 2018, 12:28:42 AM »
OK, there was a pic of the Loan Ranger and Tonto in the Ad banner at the bottom of the page yesterday but I suppose not everybody will see the same Ad or it will just cycle through a bunch of Ads.
/ Re: The Auction Site
« Last post by andyg0404 on April 11, 2018, 06:06:00 PM »

Not sure why Buster is dressed in girl's clothes but they certainly suit him and he looks cute.

Vintage Little Boy In Costume~"Master Gabriel as Buster Brown" Old Photograph

Andy G.
/ Re: Crossdressing & Brolita gallery
« Last post by Betty on April 11, 2018, 11:58:58 AM »
What picture?
/ Re: Crossdressing & Brolita gallery
« Last post by Angela M... on April 11, 2018, 12:05:39 AM »
Hey Betty, love this pic of the Lone Ranger and Tonto. I watched them all the time as a boy and saw Tonto when he came here for Parades as he was from the Six Nations Reserve near where I lived as a boy.
/ Re: Dank galaxy (sister does my makeup)
« Last post by Angela M... on April 11, 2018, 12:01:06 AM »
Thanks for the video links Betty, they are fun to watch. My sister and I would have fashion shows with me in her clothes but that was way before social media. Just old memories now though.
/ Re: The Auction Site
« Last post by Angela M... on April 10, 2018, 11:58:05 PM »
Yes andy. I remember seeing those movies when I was young and wanting to take the girl riders place myself, just to wear the Tutu outfit. I had only ever riden a horse once at that age when I went to a Carnival but I was convinced I could do it. It was a few years later that I got to stand in for a sick girl in an Ice Skating show. I loved every minute of it and got to keep the Leotard and all the coloured tights I had to wear for the costume changes. Believe it or not I still have some of them in a storage container but of course they are too small now and the elastic has long since rotted away.
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