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/ Re: Desmond
« Last post by Angela M... on May 08, 2018, 04:29:02 PM »
Thanks for this post andyg,
 I have seen this little one on youtube and it is amazing. He has such determination for 10 years old but more power to him and his parents for recognizing his potential.
/ Summer movie
« Last post by andyg0404 on May 06, 2018, 01:07:50 PM »

There's a special section in the Sunday New York Times today, Summer Movies, and even though I don't often go to the movies I always read through this section to see if there's anything of interest to the board. That movie this summer is A Kid Like Jake, about a little boy who likes to wear dresses.


Variety review

Hollywood Reporter review

IMDB for photos

Andy G.
Hello everybody and welcome back to My Weekly Flickr.

This week I went back to Christie’s for an event I’ve waited several months for, the preview of David and Peggy Rockefeller’s collection. It was cool and very windy outside, by the time I got to the auction house I really looked like the mad professor as it’s been some time since I got a haircut. At least it warmed up the rest of the week although I read in the newspaper that certain areas of New Jersey had some snow flurries although nothing stuck to the ground. Snow flurries on April 30th, that’s pretty remarkable.

I was concerned that I might not have been allowed in. It’s viewing by appointment, that is, you have to reserve time. I went to the website and the entire preview calendar was taken. Last week I called and asked if the public would be let in and was told it was timed admission, if you don’t have a reservation to enter you have to line up outside. When people leave, more people are let in. I got there at 10:35AM expecting to line up outside for an 11AM opening. There was no line when I got there. I walked up to the desk and was told that walk-ins could enter at 11:30AM after the reserved guests had arrived. The receptionist said that for the three previous days they had no problem admitting walk-ins. So I left and took a walk up to 71st Street, then turned around and came back arriving at 11:20AM. They let me right in.

It was a spectacular exhibit. It’s been speculated this will be the first billion dollar auction and having seen it I will not be surprised. As my brother says, the rich have nice things. I previewed it on the web so nothing was really a surprise but seeing it all in person was phenomenal, everything was quality and very beautiful. What’s truly amazing about this collection is that it’s what remained after they had already donated an enormous amount of quality art but it’s also not surprising since I’m sure they held on to the things they most enjoyed. In following Duncan Phillips philosophy everything they owned was pleasing to the eye. The amount of tableware, dishes, serving plates, etc. was overwhelming, whole rooms of it. Clearly they had no problem entertaining large groups. 

This is such a voluminous collection that rather than try to auction it all at once it will be done is a series of six auctions over three days. In addition there is an online auction for miscellaneous items that are expected to sell for anywhere from $100 to $10,000. Below are links to the six auctions where you can see everything that was on display when I visited. I’ll also list some of the things that I really enjoyed bearing in mind that there wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t consider worthwhile. I’ll link to the webpage for each item and below that I’ll also link to an enlarged version.

19th and 20th Century Art, Evening Sale

Art of the Americas, Evening Sale

Fine Art, Day Sale

Travel and Americana

English & European Furniture, Ceramics and Decorations, Part I

English & European Furniture, Ceramics and Decorations, Part II

Edward Hopper – I might as well start with the paintings I was most pleased to see, two by Hopper. It’s been a few years since a Hopper appeared on the block. In 2013 Christie’s auctioned  East Wind Over Weehawken for a record setting $40.5M. You can read about that here  While I’ve seen his etchings and engravings I’m fairly confident I’ve never seen one of his oil paintings at a preview.

Cape Ann Granite

Rich’s House

Winslow Homer – This is one of his watercolors and depicts three women on the shore looking out for the return of their husbands.

Where Are the Boats

William Trost Richards – Richards is one of my brother’s favorite American painters and I too enjoy his land and seascapes. I linked to one a few weeks ago in my Questroyal note.

Yellow Carn of Cornwall

John Singer Sargent – I’ve linked to many of Sargent’s watercolors and this not surprisingly is one of his better ones. This is a church in Venice.

San Geremia

Thomas Moran – The first is also a painting of Venice and shows Turner’s influence on Moran. This is from an essay on Moran, “The marine paintings are dramatically conceived, with brilliant sunsets and vibrant bluegreen seas, recalling the glowing color of Joseph M.W. Turner.” The second shows a destroyed vessel on turbulent seas under a brilliant moon almost obscured by clouds.

The Entrance to the Grand Canal

Moonlit Shipwreck at Sea

Albert Bierstadt – One of the great Hudson River painters, this shows an isolated section of the Arctic with several men in a rowboat having rowed away from the ship off in the distance.  This is the lot essay from Christie’s,


Charles DeMuth – I’ve written often and also linked to images of DeMuth’s floral work, flowers, fruits and vegetables.


Paul Gauguin – This is the first of the Impressionist paintings in the collection I’ll link to, more flowers in this vibrant colorful still life.

Fleurs dans un vase

Claude Monet – This is another of his water lilies which will no doubt yield one of the higher returns of the auction. Estimate is only available on request.

Nymphéas en fleur

Edgar Degas – This is a painting of one of his cousins, although which one isn’t clear. This is a link to the lot essay,

Femme assise dans un jardin

Vincent Van Gogh – A drawing of peasants working in the fields, one of many that evolved from Jean Francois Millet’s influence on him.

Planteuse de betteraves

And to close, two more paintings that will reap very large sums, like the Monet, estimates are available on request.

Pablo Picasso – There is so much Picasso out there and to my mind much of it is run of the mill but this really is something special. A striking portrait of a nude girl with a flower basket, very realistic and certainly not painted to the girl’s benefit as she isn’t especially attractive.

Fillette à la corbeille fleurie

Henri Matisse – Picasso’s peer and rival, I linked to this a few weeks ago when I saw a lithograph of the painting at the Christie’s drawings auction preview.

Odalisque couchée aux magnolias

I’ll stop here although I could just keep going on and on as you’ll see if you visit the full listings to the auctions I noted above. This is the best auction preview I’ve ever been to and I’m immensely pleased I was able to see all these wonderful things.

This is a link to a long article on the Rockefellers and their collection in Vanity Fair. I echo Ronald Lauder’s comment, “I have three categories of art: Oh, Oh my, and Oh my God. This is all Oh my God,”

Whew, that’s a lot to get through, hope you made it.

Off to the Flickrs.

Andy G.

Boy on a Chair

Dressing up as girls for the school play 1

Spot the oddity

Heading out for breakfast



Bride to Be

Green Dress Date

Swiss Miss 6
/ Re: Pretty Clothes & Dresses (gallery)
« Last post by Betty on May 05, 2018, 04:19:43 AM »
/ Re: Pretty Clothes & Dresses (gallery)
« Last post by Betty on May 05, 2018, 04:17:52 AM »
/ Re: Pretty Clothes & Dresses (gallery)
« Last post by Betty on May 05, 2018, 04:16:57 AM »
/ Re: Pretty Clothes & Dresses (gallery)
« Last post by Betty on May 05, 2018, 04:10:44 AM »
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