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Author Topic: Jacob  (Read 663 times)

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« on: August 28, 2016, 06:30:32 PM »

Just came across this.

Andy G.

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Re: Jacob
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2016, 10:42:35 PM »
Jacob is a lucky little boy and it takes me back to when I would dress up at that age. I would go with my sister to her friends house and play dress up as there were no boys in the neighbourhood for me to play with. We did this a few times until the girls mother caught me and sent me home. She said boys don't play dress up and I was not to come back again. I went home crying my eyes out as the two girls had some wonderful dresses, much nicer than my sisters at the time. There father was in banking and the mother was a head sales person for a major department store in our town. Whenever our mother took us there I would just delight in wandering through the girls department and I knew where most of these girls got their pretty clothes.

There are no free sites. Somebody has to pay for them & their servers. Usually you're paying for them in sinister ways that most of you know nothing about. Ads don't pay what they used to, & most have ad blockers anyway. The big money is in data-mining. That's collecting as much info about you as they can through hidden scripts, & malware to sell to the highest bidders. The bidders are advertisers, governments, & criminals.

When you visit other sites, & some sissy & ABDL sites, you may suddenly get a virus, an unwanted, hard to remove tool bar, or have your financial & bitcoin info stolen. They paid the site owner to put it on their system, or were forcefully installed on their system because the sites were poorly managed, & not very secure.

Nothing is more embarrassing than getting on the internet when other people are around to just check the news or weather, & there's sissy or diaper ads showing on the screen. That's what data mining does. It's paid to tell all advertisers, bidders, & your browsers that you visit sissy or ABDL sites.

You won't get that crap from Betty's. We are solely funded by donations from our users, & out of my pocket. All of our servers, sites, backups, & mirrors are regularly scanned by at least 3 different antivirus/anti-malware programs.

And I'm not stupid enough to save our only backups just on the servers or the cloud. I also back up everything by downloading it all to home external hard drives not regularly connected to the computer. Those home copies are also scanned by 3 different programs for malware.

Your privacy, safety, & security are very important to me. I probably spend more time on the safety, privacy, & security at Betty's than anything else on the sites.

So when America is having their big Thanksgiving feast next week, please remember I will still be eating rice, beans, or Ramen soup as usual while working hard for YOU!

I'm really not making money here. Server, web, & software costs almost always exceed the donations I get. YouTube generates about $25-$27 a month for me since this summer. My only other income is just from what people drop off to my house to fix. It's almost always poor people, who don't have much, so I don't make much on it. If they have much money, they just buy a new computer instead.

Please donate to keep us around, or visit the other places that use more sinister ways to get their money, & are so poorly managed, they're not safe. Yeah they may safe again today, but were they last month, & will they be safe next week? When they're not safe, it will be a surprise, & you probably won't know about it until it's too late.

Please Help! Support Bettys! There's nothing like it on earth, although many tried to imitate us over the years. We're the oldest, longest running sissy or ABDL site in the world!

Should it be really necessary for me to starve or risk eviction every month running it, while everybody else doing the same thing is getting rich off of you & your personal info?


The more you give,

the more I can give back.

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