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Author Topic: From the Archive Stories: SPOILER  (Read 586 times)

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From the Archive Stories: SPOILER
« on: March 06, 2017, 10:06:49 AM »
A while ago I came across a story The Academy by Rosieleigh, which is in the archives in the Recent Inactive Stories board. I loved it as I've often fantasized about what happened to the main character Martin.

An extract from part 14

Martin was led down the stairs, to ever louder voices and laughter. They reached the living room, the door was pushed open and Martins mother entered, she clapped her hands, "Here's who you've all been waiting for." she reached behind her and grabbed Martin, pulling him into the room. There were several gasps, and quite a few stifled laughs. Martin stood, arms buried in the voluminous skirts of his frock, his face drained of blood making the rouge even more noticeable, his bottom lip trembled, a single tear rolled down his cheek.

His sister stepped forward, "Come on, you look very nice, lets dance." she took him by the arms, and dragged him, rustling noisily into the centre of the room. "Turn the music up." she ordered, she held him round the waist and danced him round the room, his frock swinging and swishing wildly. All eyes were on his shapely, seamed stockings clad legs, hoping for a glimpse of more interesting stuff! Martins mother left the room to sort things out in the kitchen.

After several minutes pottering in there, she suddenly heard loud laughter and cheering, and Martin screaming wildly. She rushed to the living room, there in in the middle of the room was Martin on his back on the floor, his flailing legs were being held in the air by Bruce, spread around his petticoats billowed, and his frilly knickers were exposed for all to see,

Martins head was covered in the bouffant froth of his frock, his muffled cries ignored. "Stop that at once," Martins mother ordered, Bruce let go of Martins legs. He sat up, then stood, rustling noisily. "Really Martin you should be ashamed of yourself, most unruly behavior, I've a mind to spank you now in front of everybody." There were a number of expectant looks. "But I didn't do anything, they pushed me over, they wanted to see my underwear." Martin tried to explain. "I'm sure you must have encouraged them, they wouldn't do things like that normally, we've known them all a long time, they're good kids." Martin stared in disbelief. "I never encouraged them, honest." he whined. "Really Martin, thats the last straw, lying to your mother." with that she grabbed his arm, sat on a chair hand hauled him across her lap. "I'm sorry Martin, but it just won't do" she wrestled with the petticoats and managed to to lift them up and over his back. Then raising her hand began spanking Martins bottom through the filmy material of his panties.

When I saw the attached picture, I thought this could be that very party, with poor Martin the center of attraction while Bruce far left is wondering what sort of panties Martin is wearing under his frock.

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Re: From the Archive Stories: SPOILER
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2017, 12:34:30 PM »
Ah yes. I love the old classics. It's rare anybody writes them like they used to.

I'm not a big sissy story fan though. They're just something I like to read once in a while when I'm in the mood.

That's not actually the archives, just the old story section where nobody commented on them in a while.

Unlike many sites though, because we carry so much old, sometimes forgotten, or rare material, we do welcome all to comment on any old material & stories. It brings attention to many of them that were forgotten about, or not noticed by the newbies.

It also gives the author encouragement to try to write again. Some of the older authors are still around, but may have stopped or retired from writing. So a comment to their material will sure make them feel good that their stuff is still read, even if they don't intend to write anymore, or can't think up any more new ideas.

This is especially true with writers who wrote a lot over the years. At one point they just can't think up anything more to write about without being afraid it sounds too much like something they wrote or read about before. So posting something directly at a story you like, no matter how old it is, is a very good, welcome thing here at Betty's.

The archives of Betty's are at a separate independent site, wayback & webarchives, that archive many sites that are submitted to them. I started saving as much as the old material as I could on our own now after the wayback/webarchives dropped all of our 1990s stuff, along with 1990s material from many sites without warning.

Being a place that advertises as a web archive, that collects grants, loans, & donations for claiming to archive web sites, you'd think hanging on to all that 1990s stuff from the early years on the internet would have been their most important priority rather than delete most of the 1990s to make more space to archive sites only a few months or years old.

Sadly, those old sites didn't take much space at all compared to many overloaded & bloated sites of today either. Indeed, the material on many modern sites come from so many different sources & servers, it may even be impossible to properly archive them.


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