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Author Topic: If you are married, does your spouse support you being a sissy crossdresser?  (Read 471 times)

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Offline cutepatti

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Thanks Angela & Katrina for your very candid responses. I love that we can share with each other our feelings in a fairly open way on here.

Angela I agree with you about the changing sex at our current age not being something that I would want either. Not only because of the obvious problems it would create...but I've always felt that I don't want to just become a woman my age. I want to enjoy the little girl growing into an adolescent girl and then a teenaged girl and then into womanhood. I want the whole experience or not at all. Sort of explains why as a crossdresser I am a sissy. It's all I can be at my age. But it is as a little sissy GIRL. Loving not only the cute clothes and the feelings they give me, but the emotional release and feelings of pretending to be HER. My problem has always been the guilt I always feel since these wonderful times usually result in my adult male taking over for satisfaction. I will never be able to come to grips with that! But so it goes.

Katrina I'm happy that you have a spouse who not only accepts you but also helps you and loves this part of you. It is rare I'm sure for that to happen. It didn't with my first wife who I loved dearly. She tried after I confessed to her my feelings, but she just could not be an active participant. And I accepted that. We can only be or do what we feel we can do. Now I have a wife who is totally accepting of everything about me. Sure, her being transgender does make a difference I'm sure. But she was always a girl and knew it from age 3 or 4. She was never a crossdresser or sissy. She was a born as a boy but never felt like one and just lived as one when she had to because of school. So yes she is more open because she has had to face certain obstacles in her life. But she is the perfect 2nd companion for me. I'm happy for both you & me!  :)

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Hi cutepatti,

Took me long enough (been together 4 years) but I got a tiny bit of courage a couple of weeks ago and asked my fiancee (getting married next July) if it would be ok with her if I wore nighties to bed.

She giggled for a bit then asked why.  I just said I like the feel of them (which I do).  She said thats fine so I have been wearing nighties to bed ever since.

I dont want to push it to far by asking to wear dresses and skirts though think she might freak out :-(

At the moment I am wearing her nighties (lucky for me all her nighties are proper frilly, sexy, girly :-)).

I am taller than her though so secretly hoping she buys me a nightie or lingerie set for Christmas or even better matching set for me and her.


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