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Author Topic: I closed down last night.  (Read 553 times)

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I closed down last night.
« on: November 14, 2017, 06:15:41 PM »
My 1 year contract on 3 servers ended. So I closed down the one carrying last night... not to be confused with here, on a separate server. It carried Mary Beth's site, the Petticoated archived sites, backup Betty's sites, & delivered some media to us. I still own the domain, but cancelled the server lease. I moved the archived sites temporarily to the server at last weekend, which also serves a lot of music & other media to us, security, & the PSK Research site. & it's server still exists. It now carries & serves our backup sites, & some media. If we have any more problems here on this server, this site may be served back on

Stories is on a separate server all by itself at It gets too much traffic, so don't want to load up the server with much extra stuff to do. But it also has a complete functioning mirror/backup copy of itself there.

But I'm not as stupid as many sissy or diaper sites to keep my only backup on the same servers as the site, or in a cloud. There is a fully functioning mirror/backup of stories on 2 other servers with a different company, plus I download & save backups of everything at home about once a week -- on external drives not normally, regularly connected to the computer.

Each & every server, mirror, site, backup, & even the backups at home are all scanned for viruses, & other malware by at least 3 different excellent, reputable programs. With some of those "other" sites, you'll find you suddenly have unwanted or difficult to remove tool bars, adware, data mining, or a virus by visiting their sites. Many of them are infected or privacy intrusive sites & you will not know about it for months, or only after it crashes.

We also don't collect all your email addresses or install software to collect them, so we can sell them, like most of those other sites do.

When you visit a site, especially large ones (not small home pages), you have to ask yourself, who's paying for it, & where is all that money coming from? Most people use ad blockers, & ads don't cover nowhere near the cost they used to many years ago. Data mining, collection, & selling is the big money now... because most people don't even know how much it's happening so don't block it. Unlike ads, they want you to ignore it.

Almost all of them are selling off their member's email addresses. Many of them are trying to inject data mining into your computers & portable devices to collect even more of your personal data & contacts to sell. Some of them will even actively try to steal your credit card, or other financial info through their malware. Many sites are paid to try to install useless toolbars (just data miners), extensions, plug-ins, or ads directly into your machines.

There are no free sites. One way or another someone is paying for them. More often than not, you are paying for them in sinister ways that you know nothing about. They're selling everything about you, & sometimes your financial info to the highest bidder. The highest bidders are usually criminals, governments, & untrustworthy advertisers -- be very afraid.

We survive soley on donations from you, & money directly out of my own pocket.

Your privacy, security & safety are very important to me.

PLEASE donate people, the server bills are due again. When I pay them, there's not enough left for my rent, food, & utilities. This Thanksgiving during your big feasts, I'll still be eating rice, beans, or ramen soup again.


The more you give,

the more I can give back.

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