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Author Topic: 46 MILLION hits to Betty's  (Read 252 times)

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46 MILLION hits to Betty's
« on: December 02, 2017, 12:03:34 PM »
Just a few days ago, our hit counter made it to 46 million hits. Of course as usual, the hit counter is for about 80% of everything I carry on our severs not just here. Almost 2/3 of those hits are just from Stories, almost 1/3 is from Betty's Pub, & the rest is from everything else.

Earlier this week we had over 18,000 hits to Betty's is a single day for the third time in November. We used to hit over 17,000 per day only a few times a year. Over 18,000 was extremely rare.

It would be extremely hard on ordinary web servers, & gets to be an expense. Our traffic isn't evenly spread out over the day to make it easy on a web server either. It comes in big bunches at certain times of the day. We get a big bunch around breakfast time, & lunch time in the UK, prime evening hours in western Europe, then lunch & prime evening times in the eastern half of the USA. We get over 10 times more traffic from the eastern half of the USA than the western half, & 3 times as many from the NE USA than the SE USA.

Indeed, about 3/4 of all our traffic is just from the UK & from the Great Lakes expanse down to Washington DC. Only about 1/4 comes from the rest of the world.

Sometimes our servers on a busy day have to cope with up to 5,000 to 6,000 hits in just 1-3 hours. It can't be done on cheap hosting plans or even a single small dedicated server... believe me, I tried. I cut as many corners & costs as possible while trying to still keep things going reliably & safely.

I've posted our current costs. I hate doing that, because it varies after a few months. Server, software, security, & services contracts expire, or I cancel them to go somewhere else, or I'm using one server or service that I'm thinking of dumping while trying another place offering better service or a better deal. So by the time most have read the cost of Betty's, that list is no longer accurate. The list also doesn't include all the free work & time I spend on security, maintenance, or working with the severs & sites. If I got paid absolute minimum wage for the average time I spent working on this stuff & Betty's per month, it would cost well over $1,000/mo.! We & you are not getting spammed, data mined, infected, or hacked for very good reasons. It's because of a lot of my work. Everything works fine most of the time at Betty's.

Of course those 11,000 to 18,000 daily hits aren't that many people. Visitors tend to hit on more than 1 page & post while they're here. On average those hits are generated by over different 3,000 people on a slow day, to over 5,000 different people on a busy day.

Golly, could you imagine if all those people donated just a dollar a month or 10 dollars a year? Wow! Even a penny a day for every day they visit us would cover the cost of Betty's. Unfortunately as always, it's still only a very small handful of people who ever donate anything. And most of those are the same ones who donated before, that already paid more than their fair share many times.

Isn't it your turn to help rather than rely on a few of your friends here & me to cover the cost?

When you come to a Pub or bar, a little short on cash. You're buddies will buy you rounds. The place may even let you run a tab. But when you got some money in your pocket, you're expected to return the favor & buy rounds too, & pay your tab.

Your buddies & I are buying your rounds at Betty's Pub. I'm running a tab for you. You're getting lots of free stuff, access, social media, & services with no data mining, spyware, or other sinister hidden background stuff to pay for it all. Up until today, no ads either (just an experiment that probably won't last).

It's your turn to buy a few rounds at the Pub. Some of your friends & I already paid more than our fair share to keep you happy here & keep us online. And leave a tip to the bartender.

Please Donate!


The more you give,

the more I can give back.

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