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Author Topic: Our Christmas music channel is back online  (Read 71 times)

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Our Christmas music channel is back online
« on: December 07, 2017, 06:26:31 AM »
My Christmas music channel is back online until Jan. 8th or 10th. All new mixes this year... not last year's mixes.

Each of the 30 mixes is randomly played & they are each 33 to 95 minutes long,  while only using 3mb-10mb in bandwidth each. They'll sound fine on most computer speakers & portable devices as background music... about as good as most FM radio stations sound these days. But they won't sound as nice played loudly on huge audiophile speakers.

Like all online streaming music, these are highly compressed to save on bandwidth, & people's data caps. They'll even stream on a slow dialup connection with speed & bandwidth to spare to surf at the same time. You can even download & save an entire mix on a dialup connection in under 2 minutes! Yes, many people in rural areas & outside of the USA are still on dialup or on slow data & satellite connections only about twice the speed of dialup. Many in areas with limited choices, have to pay dearly by the gigabyte per month for their usage.

My networks of social media & multimedia are built on the principle that you can still use the internet as much as you want even on slow dialup or with severe bandwidth limits... even on an old slow single core computer, tablet, or phone. You can watch a whole movie on one of our networks & only use as much bandwidth as you would visiting a Facebook page just once or twice. And they will play even on your 2002 computer or 2010 phone & tablet.



The more you give,

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