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Author Topic: Roseanne  (Read 777 times)

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Re: Roseanne
« Reply #10 on: March 28, 2018, 05:04:44 PM »
I just saw it this morning. Watching it with low expectations, it was OK, compared to most of the crap on TV these days. As expected, after being over-hyped for over a year, many were disappointed with it who tuned in with high expectations.

I'm reading quite a few who simply refused to watch it because Roseanne & the character she plays is pro-trump. That makes them as bad as many Trump supporters... always tuning in 1 news source, opinion, & tuning out anything from the other side of the fence or that they disagree with. You won't know the neighbor on one side is starving, while the neighbor on the other side is picking pockets if you refuse to look.

I always make a point to get my news & information from many sources so I can form my own opinion rather than have it manipulated by them. I prefer to think for myself rather than be told how & what to think.

The show, typical of many sitcoms got way overboard with the canned laughter button, blasting a laugh track over the speakers. These weren't just fake laugh tracks of a few chuckles either. It was hysterical, rolling in the aisles, loud laughter every few lines. There are a few shows that do this, that I just can't watch because the laugh track in so unbearably annoying, & blasting out after every damn line... not just after a funny joke.

This show would have been much more enjoyable with less or no laugh-tracks at all.

Most of Roseanne's performance a mix of bad & good acting. At some points it sounded like she was just reciting lines, other times she seemed to be say them as if she was doing a stand-up comedy show rather than acting. There were a few times she did actually do a good act though, so she does know how to, if she tries or is in the right mood. For all the time this show took, & all the postponements, I expected better from her.

Laurie Metcalf really over-acted & over emphasized her former character, Jackie. The character seemed way out of kilt, & made me uncomfortable with the new way she tried to portray her. Perhaps she got a bit carried away with it.

Most of the other actors did seem to do pretty well at their job, & were professional with their acting... Including the new kid, Ames McNamara who plays the crossdressing Mark. This comes as a surprise as he has almost no previous on-screen experience except for a brief part in an obscure cable TV show, At Home with Amy Sedaris back in November.

Today's reviews of the show just seem to praise that it got very high viewer market-share ratings rather than comment much about the content or quality. This thing was hyped to death for well over a year, & postponed numerous times. So it makes sense that a lot would tune in by the time it finally got around to airing. The show was good enough. Mostly it was lots of cans of worms & controversy than a true sitcom. Hopefully after some of the real reviews start pouring in the show will improve.

If I recall, The Gomer Pyle, Beverly Hillbillies, & Andy Griffith reunion shows had high market-share viewer ratings. But they didn't grow beyond those first reunion shows. So high "market" ratings are pointless for the premier of a reunion show, that was hyped a lot before it aired.

Also you won't be able to see this on ABC or CTV for free if you missed an episode. You have to pay a subscription service to see them if you missed the airing, or hope you remember to catch it on a day it reruns some summer. Many wanted to catch it, so they don't have to pay to subscribe to a service later to see it.

I will be running a low bandwith copy of it in our private viewing section soon, but if you want the sparkling super-HD version you will have to pay a service if you missed the airing.

Also coming up soon, are the past 2 episodes of Young Sheldon, & The Big Bang comedy series in our private viewing section if you missed them. They don't rerun in order in the summer, & in some countries or regions, the reruns in syndication on other channels don't run the recent past 2 years of episodes. They want you to get a subscription service to see them, if you missed them when they aired.

In the meantime, here's the only other on-screen performance of Ames McNamara, from "At Home with Amy Sedaris" back in November.

Looking at the high TV market share rating of Roseanne last night, one has to remember there were no big high rated shows competing against it at that time slot. Here's the 8pm listings of yesterday out of the channels I get with my TV antenna (church, info, sports, & commercial channels blocked).

Yes, you can get a lot of channels with an ordinary cheap antenna without cable for free.

Offline Angela M...

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Re: Roseanne
« Reply #11 on: March 28, 2018, 09:42:14 PM »
Yes Betty, I will give it a chance but I was a bit underwhelmed by it.  Laurie Metcalf always was an over the top actor and is the same in Young Sheldon and Big Bang but she is likable and the show deserves another look for sure. I spotted a commercial for Young Sheldon yesterday where he comes home from an Audition saying he got the lead part. When asked what play they were doing he said Annie so his character will be dressing as a girl also in future episodes. I don't watch TV often so I may not see this one. I too am a night owl and have been since high school when I always worked nights after school and summer jobs. When I started my working life in 69 it was late nights at the Royal York Hotel and also later at my more permanent job it was afternoons and late nights with lot's of overtime so I slept most days away. It took me awhile to change over after I got full time days but still lot's of overtime. When I look back I realize I spent a good portion of my life working and in some ways it contributed to my poor health now. Still that was the hand we were dealt and I was lucky to have a full time job for most of my life and a few sidelines as well. Many guys I went to school with have had a tough go of it most of their lives but some just expected to be handed a paycheck for very little in return. Well I got a little off topic here so I will end now.

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Re: Roseanne
« Reply #12 on: April 03, 2018, 05:13:26 PM »

Video interview with Ames McNamara, the boy on Roseanne. He's very articulate and natural, a normal little boy.

Andy G.


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