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Author Topic: New music feeds.  (Read 295 times)

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New music feeds.
« on: March 26, 2018, 12:35:56 PM »
After weeks of collecting, sorting, mixing, editing, & compressing we finally have new music feeds on our front index pages.

Our old front page mixes, created in May 2017 were anywhere from about 11 to 90 minutes long. All the mixes in this new set average around 40 minutes (actually anywhere from 37-43 minutes long). There's 79 mixes covering over 50 years of music of almost every taste. So if you don't like a song, just move the slider on the player along to the next song in the mix. Or just reload our front index page to load a whole new mix. When the mix is over, reload the page to randomly load another mix.

However, I strongly recommend you just chill out & just try to let the music flow. Keep an open mind & let the mixes play as they were designed & intended to. I am a professional & have been doing this since the late 1960s... not for radio, but for real, live crowds that will boo, throw rocks, glass, other nasty stuff, & leave if you don't make them happy.

In my traditional style, most of the mixes start off with the lower tempo, mellower, or softer stuff, then move on to more upbeat or rowdy stuff as the mix progresses. This time we're featuring more rare stuff, & some classic dance club/nighclub music in many of the mixes too.

Don't be too damn choosy. If you reload our pages a lot of times in a row to get a different mix, or rapidly repeatedly click on our pages & links a whole lot, it will be detected as a DOS attack, & you may get yourself automatically blocked or banned.

If the player don't auto-play (I have auto-play disabled in my browser), you will have to click on the player to play it. If you don't see the player below the board selections on our front page, your ad blocker or other blockers may be set wrong, blocking too much, or your browser isn't configured properly. If you don't see the player, or our hit counter & Pay Pal logo at the top, or an active blinking user map at the bottom, you're probably also blocking a lot of our most popular features & multimedia too.

These are very compressed mixes to save on your data limits, load times, our space & bandwidth. Each of the 79, 40 minute mixes is amazingly under 5mb in file size. That's over 50 hours of music! They are not meant to sound excellent on large audiophile speakers or in a big nightclub. They're intended as background music while surfing over your regular desktop speakers, laptop, or portable device, or with basic headphones.

You'll use up 160-250mb of bandwidth just visiting Facebook, Yahoo's front or news page, CNN, ABC, Cnet, Amazon, or Walmart online just once. You can watch a whole movie or listen to 22-34 hours of music for that much bandwidth & data here at Betty's.

These are better sounding than AM radio quality, & close to FM radio quality. If you must play them on big speakers, you may tweak your EQ to make them a little better. Better players or good, updated codecs in your software also help the quality of the media playback a lot. It's not all in my encoding side, it also helps if your stuff is decoding & playing it back properly too.

If you wish to save a mix, right click on the player, then click on "save as" to download & save. They take up very little space & bandwidth, so are very handy for saving on small devices. I have the high quality versions of the media & mixes available if requested by someone. But we won't send full HQ media to non-members or people I don't know.

The music will cut out if you leave our front page. So if you want the music to continue while you surf around, leave the front page open, & open other pages in another window or tab.

Keep an open mind. There's a lot of interesting, rare, & unusual stuff, with a few surprises, along with many of the big hits in these.

Enjoy! Betty's can be an adventure if you let it, not a routine!


The more you give,

the more I can give back.

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