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Author Topic: New Sci-Fi shows delayed by a year on more  (Read 53 times)

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New Sci-Fi shows delayed by a year on more
« on: September 26, 2019, 11:35:12 AM »
As the new TV season begins. Sci-fF fans are disappointed that new episodes of favorite Sci-Fi aren't here yet. Star Trek Discovery begins in February. The Orville, according to Seth MacFarlane won't air until the end of 2020. It will move from free FOX TV to pay TV HULU. I guess we'll have to polish our torrent skills. But by then, most of us would have forgotten about the series... such a long delay will most likely be an epic failure for the show.

Although the production of season 2 of the new Lost In Space series began a year ago, in September of 2018, Netflix says it won't air until the end of 2020. This will also be another epic fail due to ridiculously long delays between episodes.

The Sc-Fi department at the BBC has their share of lazy writers & actor too. They seem to want to lay around or jerk off rather than try to work at a full time job that overpays them. They announced that new Doctor Who episodes won't air until "sometime" in early 2020.

I see a pattern here. They can't even set a ballpark date as to when they'll finish a job. When I see people who cannot commit to a specific date or deadline to get something done, it's usually a sure sign of addictions or sheer laziness -- both of which are rampant in the show-business industry.

They need to put aside the coke, or get up & go to work. It's not like they don't get paid enough.


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