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Author Topic: Favorite TV Show Crossdressing  (Read 25081 times)

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Re: Favorite TV Show Crossdressing
« Reply #170 on: March 24, 2016, 09:51:53 PM »
I remember watching that somewhere but I cannot remember where or when it was. Cursed old age, but I did enjoy seeing it. Thanks for the pics and links. 

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Re: Favorite TV Show Crossdressing
« Reply #171 on: March 25, 2016, 07:38:31 PM »
It was produced by the "cable only" FX channel. I'm still surprised they cancelled it before a conclusion. Like, how often does anyone make it a point to specifically tune in the FX channel to watch something anymore? They got a list of new shows every year, but I never see anybody writing about them, or hear about anybody talking about them. Surely if their stuff was as great as the cable channels & cable companies try to make you think they are, the public would be raving about them. I hear more excitement over an old episode of "Green Acres" from the 1960s, than anything on FX or even HBO recently. GA is making a comeback because almost every USA city has at least 1 sub-channel that's carrying the series again.

Over 1/3 of the people I know don't even get cable or satellite anymore. Most of them just use a TV antenna, & online stuff for their TV.

Many of the people I know who do have cable got it for the internet connection, so just get basic cable channels included in a cheap package, which is just the local channels, a couple Canadian channels, shopping/infomercial channels, church channels, & a Spanish channel. FX isn't even on basic cable packages anymore.

So in most areas, you can get better TV programming with an ordinary TV antenna than you can with a basic cable or satellite package... and it's free. With sub channels, I currently get 27 channels that I actually watch through an ordinary antenna. That doesn't even include around 11 religious or shopping channels, that I keep blocked out of my TV tuners. Plus about half the week reception is good enough to pick up a couple nice Canadian channels too. I'm sure I could double my channels with an outdoor antenna up high on a post or roof. Long ago, back when I had 150-250 channels through cable or satellite, I figured out I only ever watched 18 of them. The rest of the channels were just garbage, or just running a lot of the same stuff that other channels I got ran.

Years before I got laid off & could still afford it, I gave that crap up because it just didn't make sense to pay that much for so many channels to only use 18 of them anymore. I felt like I was getting robbed, & didn't want to pay the thief. Then the picture & sound quality was getting worse as antenna & internet TV was getting better. They were deliberately downgrading the picture quality to try to force you to pay extra for an HDTV box & service. I would have been happy with the DVD quality they used to deliver, but in an effort to get us to upgrade, they started delivering VHS or worse quality. When that started happening it was a no-brainer to instantly & permanently disconnect from them.

I had already been trying to use an antenna & online programming, because I was considering switching for a while. But it still took about a month to get used to being disconnected, & a couple months to fully adapt. It's hard to break old habits, & learn new ones, but once I got used to it, I'd never turn back even if I got cable or satellite for free.

With so many brought up on just cable most or all their lives, or their only antenna experience was a couple snowy or jittery channels when the cable was out, I'm surprised that a significant portion of the population has no idea they can pick up lots of clear HDTV for free with an antenna if they don't live too far from a city. Indeed, when most people first get a TV antenna they have no idea where to plug it in. They think they need something plugged into the computer or the wifi has to be turned on, or they still won't get anything without an internet connection. Of course those stupid rumors are spread anonymously in chats, groups, & twitter by the cable companies. Many also don't realize that USA channels my have 2-7 DVD to VHS quality sub-channels of separate programming. There's always a few channels running moves, many running old or classic TV shows, & we even have our own local Sci-Fi channel (Comet TV).

The Riches is on the torrents. Short on seeders though. So it might take a while to download. The entire series in better than VHS quality is only 3,26gb in file size.

I wish I could afford a seed box to help with some of this stuff that's just not available to everyone at any price. But I can't even afford my internet connect, phone, & electricity. If I could afford better, I won't be eating rice, beans, or Ramen every day.

I can't visit Facebook anymore because people are constantly posting pictures of food or writing about stuff they ate that I haven't been able to afford to eat in years. I'm probably healthier not eating that junk, but I sure do miss it.


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